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    The T-Mobile/Sprint Merger Remedy Makes No SenseIf the whole rationale behind the merger that a small fourth carrier can’t compete with the big guys, why create a new one?
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    Kudos to the States Suing to Block Sprint/T-Mobile MergerAs the state attorneys general suing on antitrust grounds know, competition among four national cellular providers serves Americans well.
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    T-Mobile Execs Have Spent $195K at Trump’s D.C. Hotel Since Sprint MergerBefore the merger, T-Mobile officials spent two nights at the hotel. They’ve spent at least 52 nights there since.
  4. Sprint and T-Mobile Announce MegamergerThe two companies are betting that Trump administration regulators will be friendly to their ambitions.
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    Carriers Stop Offering Samsung Galaxy Note 7 ReplacementsThe devices were catching on fire, frequently.
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    T-Mobile: Don’t Update to iOS 10 Yet!The company is asking customers to not update for fear of losing all mobile connection to the carrier.
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    Want the Fastest Mobile Internet in the U.S.? Get on T-MobileA few years ago T-Mobile was struggling to stay relevant. Now it’s the fastest mobile carrier in the U.S.
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    T-Mobile Hack Spells TroubleUnlimited data — on 15 million people.
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    T-Mobile CEO Trolls AT&T PartyOr maybe he really just crashed it in an effort to see Macklemore.
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    AT&T Is Giving Up on Buying T-MobileThe acquisition is a wash because of regulators.
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    Government Attempting to Stop AT&T, T-Mobile Merger [Updated]The government doesn’t like the sound of AT&T’s acquisition.
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    AT&T Is Buying T-MobileDo you hear my wireless monopoly now?