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  1. osama bin killed
    The Strange Story of the NYU Business Student and the Bin Laden T-ShirtsHe made hundreds of thousands on Osama T-shirts, only to decide to give it all back.
  2. entrepreneurial dreams
    Fox Rejects ‘Jesus Hates Obama’ T-Shirt Company’s $2 Million Super Bowl AdBut the site got its press anyway.
  3. 15 minutes
    Times Square Vendor Sells T-Shirts About Seeing Something and Saying SomethingIt’s only five bucks!
  4. in other news
    How to Succeed in the Offensive-T-shirt Business by Really, Really TryingThe T-shirt designer who brought us ‘Jews Against Obama”s five-step plan for achieving microfame.
  5. photo op
    A Not-So-Ironic T-shirt Sunday’s Times, as we all know, carried the not surprising but never before so clearly documented news that one in four Williamsburg apartments is either bought by parents for their children or purchased by kids with trust funds. Today, on Curbed, comes the perfect response to this revelation, communicated, inevitably, in the medium of T-shirt. They’re apparently for sale at the corner of Bedford and North 11th. The Williamsburg Condo Fashion Statement [Curbed] Buying With Help From Mom and Dad [NYT]
  6. early and often
    Hillary’s Barack-Bashing: Too Soon? Did Hillary Clinton’s longtime PR attack dog, Howard Wolfson, try to take a bite out of Barack Obama’s hide a bit too early? Wolfson demanded earlier this week that Obama take the extreme steps of removing Hollywood mogul David Geffen from his campaign and return his contributions after Geffen dissed the Clintons in an interview. It’s a dis that some strategists think didn’t need to be addressed. “It’s weird they let this happen,” says Basil Smikle Jr., a former senior Hillary aide turned political strategist. “That was a mistake.” How so?