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Tahrir Square

  1. egypt
    Another Female Reporter Attacked in Egypt’s Tahrir Square“More frightened than hurt.”
  2. elections
    Muslim Brotherhood Candidate Declared Egypt’s New President Mohamed Morsi is the winner of the country’s hotly contested election.
  3. life sentences
    Hosni Mubarak’s Health Is Rapidly DeterioratingSlipping in and out of consciousness.
  4. life sentences
    Hosni Mubarak Gets Life in PrisonThe first leader ousted by Arab Spring receives a harsh sentence.
  5. international intrigue
    Thousands of Egyptian Women March Against Protest BeatingsTahrir Square was filled for a fifth straight day.
  6. international intrigue
    Military in Egypt Promises Speedy Elections As 100,000 Protest in Tahrir SquareDemonstrations rage amid meetings about the future.
  7. New Wave of Tahrir Square ProtestsMilitary cracks down hard.
  8. revolt like an egyptian
    Egyptian General Admits to ‘Virginity Checks’ on ProtestersFemale protesters only, of course.
  9. revolt like an egyptian
    Mubarak Will Face TrialFor the deaths of protesters in Tahrir Square.
  10. awful things
    Lara Logan: I Was Saved by Women in Tahrir SquareThe CBS News correspondent tells more of her awful story on ‘60 Minutes.’
  11. awful things
    Lara Logan on Tahrir Square Attack: ‘They Raped Me With Their Hands’“For an extended period of time.”
  12. revolt like an egyptian
    Egyptian Soldiers Attack New Protesters in Tahrir SquareDemonstrators are becoming frustrated with the ruling military council.
  13. vacations
    Tahrir Square Is Already Becoming a Tourist DestinationForget the pyramids.
  14. awful things
    Lara Logan in ‘Remarkably Good Spirits’The CBS News reporter is set to be reunited with her children today after last week’s brutal attack.
  15. revolt like an egyptian
    Wael Ghonim: ‘Ready to Die’Calls the Egyptian protests “Revolution 2.0.”
  16. revolt like an egyptian
    Egypt Uprising, Day 11: Protesters Suggest Mubarak Go Away for Real NowThe White House is trying to make the “Day of Departure” a successful one.
  17. revolt like an egyptian
    Cairo Erupts in Molotov Cocktails and SmokeAnti-Mubarak protesters clash violently with pro-Mubarak factions.
  18. revolt like an egyptian
    Violence Erupts As Pro-Mubarak Supporters Flood Tahrir Square [Updated]Mubarak’s supporters came prepared for a confrontation.