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  1. coronavirus
    Asian Areas Lauded for Coronavirus Response See a New Wave of CasesHong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan have a new lesson for the U.S. — don’t let up too soon.
  2. gallery
    14 Photos of What Public Life Looks Like During a Coronavirus OutbreakThe emptiness is eerie.
  3. Trump Sends Belated New Year’s Greetings to Chinese LeaderAfter provoking China before and immediately after his election, the president is playing a poor game of diplomatic catch-up.
  4. international affairs
    China Will Return Seized Research Drone, But Trump Says They Should Keep ItHe had originally called the incident an “unpresidented” act.
  5. China Responds to Trump’s Provocations by Flying Bomber Over South China SeaAfter Trump suggested he might support an independent Taiwan, China flew a nuclear-capable bomber over disputed islands in the South China Sea.
  6. Bob Dole Has Lobbied Trump on Taiwan’s Behalf for MonthsThe former senator was paid $20,000 a month to get Trump to cozy up to Taiwan.
  7. Here’s a Little-Discussed Reason That Trump’s Taiwanese Call Was So ProvocativeThe president-elect did not upset China simply by talking with the government in Taiwan. That government is now ruled by a party Beijing loathes.
  8. international affairs
    Intentional or Accidental, Trump’s Taiwan Call Risks a Diplomatic DisasterChina has lodged a complaint about the call, while Trump lodges a complaint against foreign-policy experts who are wondering if he’s in over his head.
  9. game of drones
    Drone Gets Close-Up Views of Oil Spill Off TaiwanA ship ran aground earlier this month on a reef, near a major fishing area and nuclear power plant. 
  10. awful things
    Earthquake in Taiwan Leaves at Least 14 Dead, More Than 150 MissingA 17-story residential building collapsed while hundreds were still inside.
  11. handshakes
    Leaders of China and Taiwan Meet for the First TimeIt’s unclear whether anything will actually change between the two rival countries as a result, however.
  12. Dozens Dead As Plane Crashes Into Residential Buildings in TaiwanThe passenger jet was attempting an emergency landing. 
  13. america’s sweetheart
    CGI Sarah Palin Winks a Lot, Pole Dances, and Smokes a JointThe latest animated video out of Taiwan.
  14. iphone therefore i am
    Steve Jobs Is Darth Vader NowAccording to yet another hilarious Taiwanese CGI creation.
  15. the goreacle
    CGI Al Gore Is Scary, Steamy, and More Than a Little Bit PoodleyThis time, the Taiwan-made animated video explaining Gore’s accused sexual harassment includes a cameo by his former boss!