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  1. talking heads
    The Worst Male Response to the Catcalling VideoOh, CNN.
  2. comings and goings
    NBC Might Have Paid David Gregory $4 Million to Go Away The rest of his contract, plus some hush money. 
  3. talking heads
    NBC Puts David Gregory Out of His MiseryThe network has reportedly made its final decision.
  4. talking heads
    NBC Not Denying Todd Will Replace Gregory on MTPThe change is reportedly coming by year’s end.
  5. blowhards
    ESPN Suspends Stephen A. Smith for a WeekESPN gives the First Take host seven days off.
  6. talking heads
    No One Watches Meet the Press AnymoreThe network interviewed his friends and wife because no one is watching anymore.
  7. bloopers
    Fox News Host Congratulates ‘NAACP’ National ChampsNaturally, basketball + Fox News = a discussion of race.
  8. talking heads
    Larry King Says Piers Morgan Was No Larry KingAlso he’s around to come back to CNN, if necessary.
  9. talking heads
    Bill O’Reilly Selling Deeply Uninsightful Notes From ‘Historic’ Obama InterviewCurrent bid: $11,200.
  10. juxtaposition of the day
    Juxtaposition of the Day: Glenn Beck EditionWeeks after apologizing for tearing the country apart, he’s back to his old tricks.
  11. talking heads
    Anthony Weiner Still Flirting With TVA new talking-head job is reportedly on the horizon.
  12. talking heads
    Joe Scarborough Has Never Smoked Pot Because It ‘Just Makes You Dumb’“I don’t get it, man.”
  13. cable news news
    George Will Is Finally Joining Fox NewsIt’s about time.
  14. talking heads
    Keith Olbermann Might Go Back to ESPNFingers crossed!
  15. talking heads
    Keith Olbermann Back to Square OneCovering sports for Turner Broadcasting!
  16. talking heads
    Condoleezza Rice Is Now a CBS News ContributorShe will be on hand to provide Inauguration Day sass.
  17. talking heads
    Keith Olbermann Is Looking for a Job, Any JobThe host is reportedly “aggressively job-shopping, and he’s not being too picky about it.”
  18. talking heads
    Chris Matthews Lights Up Reince Priebus on Race“It is an embarrassment to your party to play that card.”
  19. talking heads
    Sean Hannity Has Never Heard of Skinny JeansIn Hannity’s defense, skinny jeans don’t exist in the fifties, the decade in which he lives.
  20. ink-stained wretches
    Talking Head Jonathan Alter Is the Last of the ‘Newsweek Six’ to LeaveThe end of a 28-year relationship.
  21. talking heads
    John Kinnucan Wouldn’t Sing for Feds, But Now He Won’t Shut Up“If I don’t raise my voice, nobody will, because everyone has gone underground.”
  22. early and awesome
    Tell Us How You Really Feel About Torture, Shepard Smith“We are America! We do not f—ing torture!”
  23. talking heads
    The White House Would Be Happy to Tutor Rick Santelli If He Needs ItWhite House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs batted off the CNBC reporter’s attack with the aplomb of Regina George.