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Tanya Chutkan

  1. politics
    Trump Supporter Charged With Threatening to Kill Trump’s Trial JudgeJudge Tanya Chutkan received a racist death threat from a Texas woman in the days after the ex-president amped up his rhetoric.
  2. politics
    Trump Is Already at War With the Judge in the January 6 CaseThe former president is calling for her removal from the case as she considers a protective order barring him from sharing evidence.
  3. trump indictment
    Trump Did Not Luck Out With the Judge in His January 6 CaseJudge Tanya Chutkan has issued severe sentences for Capitol rioters and once ruled against Trump’s attempt to keep info from the House inquiry.
  4. Case of Imprisoned Immigrant Seeking Legal Abortion Could Be Headed to SCOTUSThe D.C. Court of Appeals has ordered the Trump administration to let a detained immigrant secure an abortion. But the government could appeal.
  5. Trump Admin & Appeals Court Keep Imprisoned Immigrant From Having AbortionThe GOP is bending to the right-to-life movement in an effort to deny a woman in federal custody the right to choose.