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Tareq Salahi

  1. gossipmonger
    Fred Armisen Moves On to 23-Year-Old Abby ElliottFred Armisen moves on to his ‘SNL’ co-star, Heidi and Spencer’s Valentine’s Day divorce.
  2. gossipmonger
    Justin Bieber’s Twitter RevengeYou mess with Bieber, you get the horns.
  3. white house
    White House Gatecrashers Aren’t Saying AnythingThat’s the way we want it.
  4. white house
    There Was Another White House Party Crasher, by the WayBut this one wasn’t a publicity-desperate social climber and reality-television star, so never mind.
  5. white house
    Times: People in Washington Offended by Salahis’ Breach of Protocol, Not Apparent CrazinessCome on, now.
  6. white house
    Party Crashers Will Invoke Fifth AmendmentThis way they stay in the news longer!
  7. white house
    Salahis Weren’t the First to Dupe the Secret ServiceThere have been 91 other breaches.
  8. michaele salahi
    Michaele Salahi’s First ‘Two Minutes of Fame’Plum TV has uncovered an audition tape the White House crasher made to be a host on the network.
  9. white house
    Salahis’ Elaborate Network of Exaggerations Increasingly ExposedAfter the e-mail exchanges behind their infamous White House party crash reveal that they were told they couldn’t attend, a look into their charity pursuits turns up more misleading claims.
  10. white house
    The White House–Crashing Salahis on the Today Show: Just As Unconvincing As We SuspectedSo how did these people get past the Secret Service??
  11. hellivision
    LuAnn de Lesseps on White House–Crashing“In New York, we’re the real deal, we actually get INVITED into parties.”
  12. white house
    White House Party Crashers Would Like Cash to Tell Their StoryOf course they would.