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  1. Trump: I’ll Lift Tariffs If NAFTA Is RenegotiatedThe president is attempting to bully two close allies into submission.
  2. Trump Pal Sold Millions in Steel-Related Stock Days Before Tariff NewsCoincidence?
  3. the national interest
    ‘Trade Wars Are Good.’ Business Is Scared of Trump for the First Time.Trump has wandered off the reservation before, but this time he might not come back.
  4. Trump (Finally) Declares Trade WarBy slapping high tariffs on steel and aluminum, the president has brought the GOP Establishment nightmare to life.
  5. Commerce Department Offers Trump Ammunition for His Trade WarTrump has until April 11 to decide whether to impose high tariffs on aluminum and steel. It’s a subject that divides his party and administration.
  6. P.A. Special Election Could Be the Only Excuse Trump Needs to Start a Trade WarTrump will have to make a decision soon on possible tariffs on steel and aluminum, which most Republicans oppose.
  7. Trump Seems to Genuinely Want a Trade War With ChinaBeijing offered to cut its steel production. But Trump passed on the easy political win — insisting that only punitive tariffs would do.
  8. Trump May Be More Dangerous Than His Handlers RealizedTrump is starting to follow through on his most destructive ideas. And he has tariffs and the death of the Iran deal on his to-do list.
  9. Trump Planning Steel Tariffs To the Horror of Most of His CabinetReturning to one of the “America First” preoccupations of his campaign, Trump is on the brink of imposing steel tariffs on China and other countries.
  10. After Softening on China, Trump Goes All-in on Anti-Canada PopulismThe president slaps tariffs on Canadian lumber and vows that “we will not stand for” Ottawa’s unfair trade practices.
  11. The 20 Percent Tariff on Mexico That Wasn’tSean Spicer explained the House GOP’s border-adjustment tax poorly. The media assumed the worst. “Fake news” ensued.
  12. Trump Mulls Imposing Tariffs by Executive OrderThe president-elect is reportedly considering a 5 percent tariff on all foreign imports, much to the chagrin of GOP-aligned business interests.