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  1. This Robot Is Ready to Give You the Tattoo of the Future Wherever You Want ItIt also won’t judge you.
  2. bad ideas
    How to Cover Up Your Confederate-Flag TattooWith a bear, perhaps.
  3. ink-stained wretches
    Jill Abramson Has a New York Times-Style T Tattoo [Updated]The executive editor says she has four pieces of body art.
  4. puppies!!!!!!
    Brooklyn Man Tattoos Dog, Sparks ChangeA New York politician wants to make it illegal now.
  5. puppies!!!!!!
    The War on Dog Tattoos Has BegunA state assemblywoman from Manhattan wants to make them illegal.
  6. puppies!!!!!!
    Upper East Siders Giving Dogs Tramp-StampsThey are temporary — and cost $100.
  7. parenting
    Obama Family Tattoos Actually Sound Pretty GreatFor us, at least.
  8. true fans
    Diddy Got a New York Magazine Tattoo We’re flattered!
  9. stuck in the mittle
    ‘Gifts’ Remark Costs Romney Another Supporter, One Facial TattooThis is painful for all involved.
  10. stuck in the mittle
    Man With Romney Tattoo on Face Is ‘Disappointed’Not a Ryan-Rubio presidential ticket.
  11. hot for teacher
    Mermaid Tattoo Is Key Evidence in Teacher-Student Sex CaseTeacher’s ink is rather revealing.
  12. dirty funny things
    Tracy Morgan’s Thanksgiving-Inspired TattooOr should we say, Tracy Morgan’s tattoo inspires Thanks-giving?
  13. early and often
    The Post Thinks It Has Found Caroline Kennedy’s FlawWhy not to get that drunken tattoo: a cautionary tale.
  14. video look book
    East Villager Yearns for Pre-Giuliani Quality of Life In this week’s Video Look Book, Crif Dogs manager Peggy Punch recalls the East Village of old, when the Cro-Mags thrashed the Continental and Tompkins Square Park was a thriving tent city. Ah, don’t you just love the smell of someone else’s urine in the morning? “I’m really actually bummed out on the East Village right now. It’s not gritty,” says Punch. “It’s not what New York City used to be for me when I was 15 coming here and being a little bit scared.” Today, Punch slings some of the city’s finest hot dogs and considers single-handedly upping the neighborhood’s grit factor by getting another tattoo. Watch the video. Archives [Video Look Book]
  15. cultural capital
    Sundance Report: Justin Theroux’s Hat Trick Yields Big Weinstein Sale Justin Theroux is running a filmic trifecta at Sundance this year. He steals Zoe Cassavetes’s Broken English out from under Parkey Posey with a dazzling performance as a self-loving L.A. actor (is there another kind?); in David Wain’s Biblical takeoff The Ten, he plays what he calls “Jesus Christ, or something”; and then there’s Dedication, his first directorial effort, a New York–set dark-toned romantic comedy starring Billy Crudup and Mandy Moore, which the Weinstein Co. snapped up for a cool $4 million. We spoke to Theroux the day after Dedication’s premiere and found him sporting a hand-drawn “Brad Pitt 2006” T-shirt and a necklace made of human teeth.