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Tax Evasion

  1. wealth inequality
    The Times’ Trump Exposé Is a Compelling Case for Class WarTrump built his fortune on tax evasion and inherited wealth. So did much of the one percent. Democrats should rail against these lawless moochers.
  2. The GOP Wants to Crack Down on Tax Evasion — Among the Working PoorRepublicans have a plan to grow the deficit, hurt the poor, and make it easier for billionaires to evade taxes — all at the same time!
  3. Trump Likely Dodged Tens of Millions in Taxes Through Legally Dubious SchemeThe GOP nominee used a scheme his own lawyers warned might be illegal to disappear hundreds of millions in taxable income, the New York Times reports.
  4. Trump Directed $2.3 Million in Personal Fees to His Tax-Exempt CharityThe GOP nominee seems to have used his foundation as a tax-avoidance scheme.
  5. So Much for ‘Don’t Be Evil’: Google Moved 11 Billion Euros to Tax-Free BermudaIt’s sunny there.
  6. money
    How Tax Evasion Is Fueling InequalityA new book explains why everyone should be up in arms about billionaires’ Cayman Islands accounts.
  7. crimes and misdemeanors
    Pedro Espada Jr. Pleads Guilty, Andrew Cuomo GloatsHe admitted to one charge of tax evasion.
  8. crime pays
    After Sending UBS Whistle-blower to Prison, IRS Gives Him $104 MillionCalling all bankers with the ability to cripple an overseas tax haven.
  9. Largest Swiss Private Bank a ‘Fugitive From Justice,’ Say U.S. AuthoritiesIs accused of helping hide $1.2 billion from IRS.
  10. the rich
    Swiss Banking Secrets From the Mouth of the UBS WhistleblowerOn the eve of his three-year prison sentence, Bradley Birkenfeld airs UBS’s dirty laundry.