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Tax Policy

  1. inequality
    The Limits of Wealth-Tax PopulismSafeguarding democracy from inequality will require much more than soaking the superrich.
  2. conservatism
    Law-and-Order Conservatives Call on Biden to Defund the Tax PoliceThe “populist” right is mobilizing against Joe Biden’s plot to prevent the superrich from shirking their tax obligations.
  3. tax policy
    If Moderates Kill Biden’s Tax Plan, Will MMT Save His Agenda?Lobbyists say they have the votes to block most of Biden’s tax hikes. If true, only a total abandonment of fiscal orthodoxy will save his policies.
  4. tax policy
    Rich Investors Make a Poor Case Against Biden’s Tax PlanWealthy capitalists warn that America cannot have shared prosperity unless they pay low taxes on income they didn’t work for. They are wrong.
  5. wall street
    Wall Street Spooked by Biden’s Tax PlanInvestors fear the president’s new capital gains tax will hurt America’s salt-of-the-earth, hardly working millionaires.
  6. trump tax returns
    Trump’s Returns Make Case for Funding the Tax PoliceThe president’s taxes are full of evasion schemes that our underfunded IRS has failed to punish.
  7. own goals
    The Trump Tax Cuts Are (Probably) About to Become a Political DisasterThe GOP pressured the IRS to underestimate withholding. Now, tax refunds are falling — and some Republican voters are livid.
  8. public opinion
    Voters Aren’t Moving Left on Taxes. Democrats Are Moving Toward Voters.Americans have always been eager to soak the rich. But public opinion doesn’t drive policy change in the U.S. — parties do.
  9. vision 2020
    Elizabeth Warren to Propose Spreading the Wealth AroundA 70 percent tax on incomes over $10 million isn’t cool. You know what’s cool? A 2 percent tax on the wealth of the super-rich.
  10. conservatism
    The Right’s Case Against Soaking the Rich Is Dirt PoorConservatives’ best arguments against raising taxes on millionaires rest on fallacies — and ignore extreme inequality’s social and political costs.
  11. alexandria ocasio-cortez
    Ocasio-Cortez’s 70 Percent Top Tax Rate Is a Moderate, Evidence-Based PolicyEconomic research and opinion polling suggest there’s nothing “extreme” about taxing incomes over $10 million at pre-Reagan rates.
  12. The Trump Tax Cuts Pass in Committee, Head to the Senate FloorIt looks like this thing is gonna pass — if Mitch McConnell can keep all of the promises he just made.
  13. Here’s How Republicans Plan to Get Their Tax Bill Out of the SenateSeven Senate Republicans have expressed concerns about the legislation. Mitch McConnell hopes to win them over with these last-minute changes.
  14. Rand Paul Comes Out Against Trump’s ‘Middle-Class Tax Hike’The Kentucky senator betrays his party by acknowledging an inconvenient fact about its “middle-class tax cut.”
  15. Trump Tax Plan Would Be Bad for Those Who Don’t Own Yachts, Study Basically SaysOne version of Trump’s (vague) plan would deliver 76 percent of its benefits to the top one percent — while raising taxes on some in the middle class.
  16. Trump’s Treasury Pick Says His Tax Cut Won’t Benefit the ‘Upper Class’Last month, the Tax Policy Center found that Trump’s plan would give the top 0.1 percent an average tax break of 14 percent.
  17. Trump’s Tax Avoidance Was Perfectly Legal. That’s Why It’s an Issue.Clinton wants to close some of the loopholes Trump used. The GOP nominee wants to create more.
  18. today in donald trump
    Trump Campaign Promises It Won’t Change Tax PlanTrump’s press secretary said he’ll stick with his original $10 trillion proposal.
  19. Trump to Explode the Deficit More ResponsiblyLarry Kudlow and Stephen Moore are revising Trump’s tax plan so it only expands the deficit by $4 trillion.
  20. President Trump Would Destroy the EconomyThe Donald’s (sketchy) policy proposals suggest big stimulus, big inequality, and a global trade war.