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  1. Looks Like Trump Genuinely Enacted (a Tiny Bit of) Tax ‘Reform’The GOP tax bill will slash the number of filers who use the regressive mortgage-interest deduction by more than half, according to the JCT.
  2. 6 Weird and Worrying Moments From Trump’s Missouri Fundraising SpeechTrump bragged about giving Trudeau fake facts, mocked past presidents for not meeting Kim Jong-un, and described a nonexistent “bowling ball test.”
  3. Paul Ryan Deletes Tweet Connecting Woman’s Tiny Raise to Tax CutThis was probably for the best.
  4. Trump Hurries to Sign Tax Bill Because the TV Told Him ToThe GOP’s massive giveaway for the wealthy is officially law.
  5. DI Politics Chat: The GOP Got Their Tax Cuts. Now What?4 Daily Intel staffers chat about the tax bill, whether it will help the Democrats take back power, and what pieces of it they should keep if they do.
  6. the national interest
    Republicans Didn’t Reform the Tax Code. They Never Wanted To.Republicans ruled out writing a bill premised on their own supposed goals.
  7. Paul Ryan Tweets Out Highlight Reel of Him Lying About Taxes for 20 YearsAh, memories.
  8. McCain to Miss Pivotal Senate Tax Vote After Chemotherapy ComplicationsHe’s going home to Arizona after several days in the hospital.
  9. Senate Passes Huge Tax Bill That Rewards the RichChockful of provisions that the one percent will love.
  10. The GOP Wants to Pass Trump’s Tax Cuts This Week. Here’s What They Need to Do.Republicans see this as do-or-die time for their tax overhaul — and they’re scrambling to secure about seven more Senate votes.
  11. Mulvaney’s Bold Promise: Middle Class Won’t See Tax IncreaseYou sure about that?
  12. the national interest
    The GOP Has Done the Impossible: Make Tax Cuts UnpopularWhat they designed as an act of sadism turns out to be an act of masochism.
  13. The 3 Weirdest Things About Trump’s New Campaign Ad“President Trump will fix it.”
  14. Trump Promises His Tax Plan Won’t Limit 401(k) ContributionsThe president shoots down congressional Republicans’ latest scheme for offsetting the cost of corporate tax cuts.
  15. Senate Narrowly Approves Budget, an Ostensibly Easy Hurdle on Road to Tax CutsIt looks like they’ll avoid a conference committee, too, so now they can get started on the hard part of the tax-reform process.
  16. Trump Calls Senator Corker ‘Liddle Bob’ on TwitterThe insult sounds familiar.
  17. the national interest
    The GOP’s Best Tax Reform Idea Is Dead, and Its Next-Best Idea Is DyingPlan C is not going to work any better than plans A or B did. It’s over.
  18. Why Trump’s Tax Plan Will (Probably) Be Impossible to PassThe plan’s upper middle-class tax increases are too high for many GOP lawmakers to tolerate – but still too low to satisfy the party’s deficit hawks.
  19. A Look at Trump’s Trillion-Dollar Blue-State Tax HikeA GOP proposal to kill the deduction for state and local taxes mostly hits high-tax, high-income blue states, but some House Republicans will object.
  20. Trump Falsely Says His Tax Plan Is ‘Not Good for Me’He would benefit greatly from his proposed tax overhaul, contrary to what he claimed in his speech unveiling it.
  21. Trump’s Tax Plan: Prioritize Cuts for the Rich, Say He Isn’tRepublicans have their final framework for tax reform — and it still includes tax breaks that only multimillionaires can use.
  22. Republicans Are Going to Take From the Poor to Give to the RichSpending cuts provide an alternative way to “pay for” GOP tax cuts. And it’s far more likely than attacks on sacred cows in the tax code.
  23. House Conservatives Demand That Tax Reform Add to the DeficitThe House Freedom Caucus believes that the debt is a threat to our grandchildren — and in their upcoming tax plan, they insist on growing it.
  24. art of the deal
    Democrat Heitkamp Says She’s Open to Trump Tax Plan, Gets Air Force One RideShe hasn’t committed to anything, but the North Dakota senator has probably avoided an attack from the president.
  25. 7 Big Questions About What Congress Will Do in SeptemberThe big storm in Texas and Louisiana has improved the visibility in Washington — but there’s still a lot to do and little time to do it.
  26. Joe Manchin Is More Popular Than Trump in West Virginia, Poll FindsTrump might need the votes of red-state Democrats to pass tax “reform” — but red-state Democrats look safe enough to toe their party’s line.
  27. Trump Tries to Make Tax Cuts for Rich People Sound PopulistTo get his tax “reform” plan through Congress, Trump will have to pull off his most challenging con yet.
  28. Gary Cohn: Only ‘Morons’ Pay the Estate TaxYour populist government at work.
  29. GOP Mulls ‘Just Lie’ Strategy for ‘Offsetting’ Tax CutsRepublicans are reportedly considering “offsetting” $450 billion worth of tax cuts through sheer budget gimmickry.
  30. Senators Leap to Mitch McConnell’s Defense After Trump AttacksThey’re standing by their Majority Leader.
  31. the national interest
    The Republican Dream of Partisan Tax Reform Is ImpossibleA bill can be tax reform, or it can pass exclusively with Republican votes. But it can’t be both.
  32. Forget ‘Tax Reform.’ Republicans Will Settle for Tax Cuts for the Rich.For all the talk of “tax reform,” Republicans would prefer to offset tax cuts with spending cuts, and in the end won’t insist on offsets at all.
  33. All the Scary Deadlines Congress Is Facing This FallAfter repeatedly pushing off major undertakings like tax reform and raising the debt ceiling, they’re in for a truly hellish fall.
  34. Trump Has No Plan A for Tax Reform — But He’s Got a Plan BThe White House is eyeing a package of three big, temporary tax cuts as a backup option if comprehensive reform falters.
  35. We’re Grading Trump Like He’s a Montessori Kindergartener: Tax-Policy EditionThe Trump administration reportedly has “its act together on tax reform.” Also, its only idea for how to finance tax cuts is “blow out the deficit.”
  36. Republicans May Have a Plan B If Their Health-Care Bill FailsThe Trumpcare bill is mostly composed of tax and Medicaid cuts. Why not shift these items into the next budget bill?
  37. Democrats Should Propose an Actual ‘Middle Class’ Tax CutBy neglecting to show voters what a real middle-class tax break looks like, Democrats are making it easier for Trump to sell his giveaway to the rich.
  38. just asking questions
    How New York Could Force the Release of Trump’s Tax ReturnsAlbany is considering a bill that would publish the state returns of certain elected officials.
  39. Trump Could Probably Kill the Legislative FilibusterSenate Republicans would have a hard time defending the “archaic system” that’s making the president’s agenda more difficult to pass.
  40. There Could Be a Ton of Drama in Washington This WeekPossibly a government shutdown crisis, the return of Trumpcare, and the unveiling of the president’s tax-reform plan — or none of the above.
  41. the national circus
    An Ossoff Victory Would Not Have Saved the Democratic PartyThey still face the intensely urgent matter of finding a new generation of leaders.
  42. Will GOP Punish California and New York by Killing Their Favorite Tax Deduction?Conservatives hate the federal deduction for state and local income tax. But killing it might annoy Empire State Republicans, including the president.
  43. White House Says Tax Reform Will Be Delayed Because of Trumpcare FailureTrump’s Treasury secretary says the president will not meet his August deadline for tax reform, “because of the healthcare.”
  44. President Trump No Longer Has a Tax PlanThe president wants to build a new plan from scratch. And one of his administration’s new ideas could actually help the middle class.
  45. The White House Is Reportedly Considering a Carbon TaxSome in the Trump administration are leaking word of the proposal, even as the White House officially denies it is considering any such thing.
  46. the national interest
    Tax Reform Is Hard. Tax Cuts Are Easy.Gaming out the Republican plan to give rich people more money.
  47. 9 Big Questions About GOP Tax ReformIt’s as complicated as health-care policy, and almost as politically perilous.
  48. Trump Hopes to Tackle Tax Reform and Infrastructure SimultaneouslyAfter failing to get Trumpcare to the House floor, the president has (reportedly) decided he can push two major policies through Congress at once.
  49. What’s Next for the GOP on Health Care? Apparently Nothing at AllThe collapse of Trumpcare could be the GOP version of Clintoncare: something none of them will hurry to repeat.
  50. Death of Trumpcare Would Leave Some Hungry Legislative OrphansAHCA was more than an Obamacare repealer. It also included provisions on taxes, Planned Parenthood, and Medicaid that GOP will still need to pursue.
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