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  1. taxi!
    You Never Know When Your Cab Driver Might Just Hit You in the Face As one woman was reminded this weekend. 
  2. taxi!
    The Amazing Day in the Life of a Cab-Driver MapA data visualization that’s exhausting just to watch.
  3. transportation
    Race to Airport Confirms What Everybody Already KnowsFor starters, taking a train and a bus isn’t the fastest way to get there.
  4. awful things
    Worst Cabbie Overcharges, Assaults TouristHe got upset when an elderly Russian man refused to pay $149 for a 75-foot ride.
  5. taxi!
    More Green Cabs to Hit the Streets in AugustAfter a slight delay.
  6. technology
    Uber Poached Itself an NYC Taxi OfficialThe e-hailing app is now hiring directly from the TLC.
  7. taxi!
    Swastika-Wearing Cabbie Doesn’t ‘Hate Jews’Well.
  8. taxi!
    Nazi Cabbie Slapped on the Wrist for Swastika ArmbandThe very public anti-Semite was suspended for 30 days.
  9. taxi!
    De Blasio Puts More Green Cabs on Hold for Now [Updated]The yellow cab industry happens to have donated generously to his campaign.
  10. taxi!
    Carjacking Attempt Ends With 8 Miles of Forced Taxi-SurfingThere’s video.
  11. crimes and misdemeanors
    Taxi Driver Charged With Driving Crazy Enough to Save $28,000 in TollsThe best piggybacker in the game.
  12. taxi!
    The Super-Easy and Convenient Taxi Hack of the DayYou can swipe your credit card at any point during the ride.
  13. crimes and misdemeanors
    Sign of the Times: Cabbie Allegedly Beats Fare With a Block of IceThis never would have happened in April.
  14. taxi!
    Weirdest Carjacking Ever Is Strangely SuccessfulWorld’s worst cab fare still at large.
  15. taxi!
    Justice for Everyone Ever Refused a Trip to Brooklyn by a Cab DriverOne person was actually punished.
  16. taxi!
    There Sure Are a Lot of Illegal Cabs Driving AroundThe TLC seized 530 of them in the last two months at JFK.
  17. taxi!
    The Cost of Taxi Medallions Is Still Going UpLatest record is a pair for $2.5 million.
  18. taxi!
    City to Cab Driver Who Destroyed Tourist’s Leg: No Big Deal, Keep Driving!He will not be charged.
  19. crimes and misdemeanors
    Woman Who Fell Out of Cab’s Window ‘May Have Been Intoxicated’The New York Post practices restraint.
  20. oops
    Thousands of Taxi Drivers Really Are Too Dangerous for the RoadIncluding the one who took off a woman’s leg.
  21. taxi!
    Taxi Tickets Up 7,300 PercentThanks to internal computers.
  22. taxi!
    Another Wild Cab Ended Up on the SidewalkThis time it only hit scaffolding.
  23. taxi!
    Cabbie Who Hit Tourist Hates DrivingToo much stress.
  24. taxi!
    TLC: Okay Fine, Some Taxis of Tomorrow Can Be HybridsNew rules for new cars.
  25. crimes and misdemeanors
    Arrest Made in Umbrella Killing of Livery Cab DriverCabbie stabbed in the eye.
  26. crimes and misdemeanors
    Livery Cab Driver Stabbed in the Eye DiesIn a dispute with two passengers.
  27. taxi!
    This Taxi-Hailing App Just Cannot Get a BreakWay of the future is on hold once more.
  28. taxi!
    A Legal Taxi-Hailing App Is Finally HereUberTAXI has gone live.
  29. taxi!
    NYC Bus Riders Missed This Weekend’s Most Exciting RideIt’s probably for the best.
  30. taxi!
    Soon Your Taxi Ride Might Be Less DisgustingCity Council doesn’t find that authentic stench charming.
  31. taxi!
    Taxi of Tomorrow Called Not Futuristic EnoughIt’s not a hybrid, as required by law.
  32. cash cab
    Taxi Tips Down After Fare Increase, Except for a Rebellious FewSome tipping extra because they “don’t like to be pushed around.”
  33. happy new year
    How to Get Home After MidnightTransit tips to ring in the New Year.
  34. the future
    NYC Taxis Are Going to Give New Technology a TryThe TLC approved a one-year pilot program for hailing apps.
  35. taxi!
    ‘Off-Duty’ Taxi Light Will No Longer Let You DownIt’s being simplified to either “on” or “off.”
  36. oh brooklyn
    An Excellent Side Effect From Barclays Center: Cabs in Brooklyn“It’s the new Times Square,” apparently.
  37. taxi!
    How Not to Refuse a Fare: An Instructional Video for CabbiesCabbies can say no, but not physically.
  38. fights
    Men in Suits Almost Decide to Fight Each Other Over TaxiThere is a semi-headlock, though.
  39. cash cab
    Cabbies Happy With 17 Percent Fare Hike, but Wary of Gas Prices and Garage FeesTaxi garages, on the other hand, are pissed.
  40. new york’s taxi wars
    City’s New Five-Borough Cabs Stall in Court [Updated]City was planning to issue first permits within days.
  41. taxi!
    The City Is Revamping Taxi ‘Off-Duty’ LightsSoon it’ll be much, much easier to tell when you’re not going to get a cab.
  42. taxi!
    Taxinomics: A Night in the Life of a CabbieCheapskate customers, endless expenses: it’s all part of the job.
  43. neighborhod news
    Brooklyn Is Generous With Cabbie TipsWhether out of generosity or necessity.
  44. human rights
    Livery Cabs Won’t Force You to Endure Taxi TVUnless your driver is a jerk/idiot.
  45. taxi!
    Will Livery Drivers Say ‘Hail No’ to the Outer-Borough Taxi Plan?New medallions might be worth their weight in tin.
  46. taxi!
    Hailing a Livery Cab About to Be As Legal As You Always Thought It WasWhat Albany was doing when it wasn’t passing gay marriage.