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Taxi And Limousine Commission

  1. disruptions
    Yellow Cabs Sue Taxi Commission, Take Uber Fight to Federal CourtFor the “deliberate evisceration” of the taxi industry. 
  2. the taxi wars
    NYC Shuts Down 5 of Uber’s 6 Dispatch SitesBut don’t worry: That won’t stop your ride from coming. 
  3. transportation
    Cars With Fuzzy Pink Mustaches Deemed Illicit in NYCThe city is challenging the ride-share start-up Lyft.
  4. hacks
    Most Cab Drivers Don’t Do Drugs That, or they’re really sneaky about it.
  5. taxi!
    There Sure Are a Lot of Illegal Cabs Driving AroundThe TLC seized 530 of them in the last two months at JFK.
  6. taxis
    Taxi Trivia Is Exactly What It Sounds Like And it’s coming to a cab near you.
  7. the future
    Soon You Can Use Your Smartphone to Hail a TaxiA judge said it was okay.
  8. technology
    NYC Taxis Not Quite Ready for the Way of the FutureTransportation apps Uber and Square are both pulling up short.
  9. the letter t
    NYC Taxis to Use Only ‘T’ as Logo, Just Like BostonWe can do better.
  10. hail no
    17 Percent Taxi Rate Hike Plan Expected to Pass on ThursdayA bit more, every fifth of a mile.
  11. transportation
    Court Says Taxis Don’t Have to Accommodate the DisabledDisabled riders are deeply disappointed.
  12. transportation
    Cab Fares Might Be 20 Percent More Expensive by JulyIt would be the first fare increase since 2006.
  13. and step on it!
    Cabbies Still Really Don’t Want to Drive You to BrooklynAn undercover sting finds that 27 percent will refuse to take you to an outer borough.
  14. miss manners
    Charm School for Cabbies“I didn’t realize how important it was to be nice.”
  15. taxis
    Cab Drivers to Begin Losing Licenses Over Cell-Phone UseThe Taxi and Limousine Commission is serious about this.