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Taxi Of Tomorrow

  1. The ‘Taxi of Tomorrow’ Is Now Officially the Taxi of TodayMost yellow-cab owners in New York are now required to upgrade to the boxy Nissan NV200 when replacing their older vehicles. 
  2. the third terminator
    Bloomberg’s ‘Taxi of Tomorrow’ Blocked by CourtJust like the soda ban.
  3. taxi!
    TLC: Okay Fine, Some Taxis of Tomorrow Can Be HybridsNew rules for new cars.
  4. the third terminator
    Taxi Fleet Owner Tries to Make Bloomberg Remember Foul-Mouthed ThreatWith a lawsuit.
  5. the third terminator
    Mayor Bloomberg Can’t Remember Who He’s Cursed OutApparently he’s threatened to “destroy” a lot of “f–king industries.”
  6. the third terminator
    Bloomberg Reveals Post-Office Plans in Foul-Mouthed Threat He tells a taxi fleet boss, “I am going to destroy your f–king industry.”
  7. taxi!
    Taxi of Tomorrow Called Not Futuristic EnoughIt’s not a hybrid, as required by law.
  8. taxicab confessions
    New York’s ‘Taxi of Tomorrow’ Has a Strong Whiff of SuburbiaCoddling New Yorkers with iPhone chargers.
  9. photo op
    This Could Be New York’s New TaxiWould you sit in a rear-facing seat?