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  1. and step on it!
    Taxi Officials Differ on the Etiquette of UpstreamingA Daily Intel investigation.
  2. taxis
    Taxi Drivers Are New York’s Smartest InvestorsMedallions are now worth more than gold.
  3. rock you like a hurricane
    The MTA Comes Crawling Back [Updated]It will take a while for the MTA to get back to its usual just-barely-functioning self.
  4. duh
    Poll: Taxis Don’t Share the Road WellYou don’t say …?
  5. and step on it!
    Cab Driver Threatened to ‘Break the Face’ of Passenger Who Wanted to Go to BrooklynA slight overreaction.
  6. and step on it!
    Gunshot Victim Can’t Get a CabShould have taken the train.
  7. and step on it!
    Men in Unmarked Cars May Soon Pick You Up in the Outer BoroughsLivery cabs can now legally pick people up off the streets in new areas.
  8. and step on it!
    Taking You to Brooklyn Now Makes Economic Sense for Cab DriversFines have gone way up.
  9. taxis
    Conning Cab Driver Faces Fraud ChargesFor scamming more than $12,000 from passengers.
  10. and step on it!
    In Seven Years, All of New York’s Taxis Will Look Like ThisThe Nissan NV200 won a citywide competition.
  11. and step on it!
    Cab Drivers Are Now Physically Yanking People Out of the Backseat Rather Than Driving Them to BrooklynA pair of brave girls videotaped one such attempt.
  12. and step on it!
    Man Pays Cabdriver $5,000 for Ride to Los AngelesIt’s like a road trip, but lazier.
  13. and step on it!
    About Half of All Cabbies Are Willing to Do Their JobsThat is, take passengers wherever they want to go, even the outer boroughs.
  14. transportation
    Taxicab Confession: No One Likes the Backseat Televisions?We might be in the minority on this.
  15. tsnownami weather force
    At Least Two Cabs Exploded in Manhattan Last NightWow, thundersnow is scarier than we thought.
  16. your tax dollars at work
    That Thing Every New Yorker Knows to Be True Is True, Study RevealsIt IS harder to get a taxi between 4 and 5 p.m.
  17. nickel and dimed
    Old-Fashioned Manual Locomotion Becoming Increasingly AttractiveParking meters and MetroCards are up, and taxis might be next.
  18. photo op
    This Could Be New York’s New TaxiWould you sit in a rear-facing seat?
  19. stupid crime of the day
    New York’s Most Crooked Cabby: The TLC Is ‘Like Pontius Pilate’What does that even mean?
  20. taxicab confessions
    If You’re Going to Steal From People, Do It While Driving a CabThe worst rate-scheme offenders are being “brought” to “justice.”
  21. dubious achievements
    New York Cab Drivers Honored for Performing Basic Acts of Human DecencyThree cab drivers were honored for not allowing anyone to be killed or maimed in their cars.
  22. stupid crime of the day
    If You Want to Off Your Husband, Don’t Just Ask Any Old Cabbie for HelpEven though it seems like the odds are probably good he’d help you.
  23. surprising enemies
    Hotel Doormen in Taxi Shakedown RacketThey’re forcing cabbies to pay them for the privilege of picking up fares.
  24. taxis
    New York Getting Less CongestedThough if you ride in cabs regularly, you’d never believe it.
  25. corrections
    Taxi Scheme May Have Been Greatly Exaggerated“We have been vindicated,” New York Taxi Workers Alliance director says.
  26. vampire crime of the day
    Police Are on the Lookout for Man Who Bit Taxi DriverThis ‘Twilight’ fad has really gone too far.
  27. jerks
    Your Taxi Driver Is Probably Stealing From YouOver 35,000 cabbies have overcharged their customers in the past 26 months.
  28. relational aesthetics
    The Art of Cab SharingThink of the Taxi and Limousine Commission’s new initiative not as sitting in a car with strangers, but as performance art.
  29. cabs
    Share a Cab This Week and Make a New FriendStarting next Friday, New Yorkers will have a newish way to get around the city.
  30. stupid crime of the day
    Ornery Cab Driver Busts Bank Robber by Just Being HimselfThese people are heroes.
  31. reasons to love new york
    Man Returns Wallet With $2,800 in It to OwnerGood Samaritanism strikes again.
  32. reasons to love new york
    Taxi Driver Saves $21K Purse for TouristYeah, that really happened.
  33. neighborhood news
    Gay Couple Kicked Out of Cab for HuggingIn the East Village, no less!
  34. sheesh
    Taking the Bus About to Get a Little More AttractiveTaxis will start charging a 50-cent surcharge on Sunday.
  35. crime
    Awful California Woman Pepper-Sprays Cab DriverWoman stiffs cab driver, then pepper-sprays him.
  36. intel
    Ladies, Ever Been Hit On by a Cab Driver?It happens a lot, apparently!
  37. taxis
    Cab Drivers to Begin Losing Licenses Over Cell-Phone UseThe Taxi and Limousine Commission is serious about this.
  38. stupid crime of the day
    Taxi and Pedicab Drivers in Awesome Times Square BrawlCaught on tape: plumber’s butt, in combat!
  39. taking a stand
    Chicago Cab Drivers Want to Charge Puking Passengers $50Unfair!
  40. important questions
    Do You Ask Cab Drivers to Get Off the Phone?Did you even know you could?
  41. oh le taxi
    French Tourists Enlisted As Extras in Cab Driver’s Action Movie of the Mind“We’re going zoom, zoom, zoom.”
  42. the greatest depression
    Elitist Cab Stand: Model of Economic Salvation, DoomAlso: How come the Upper East Side gets a taxi stand and nobody else does?
  43. intel
    How Do You Feel About Sharing Cabs?A new city plan may make the practice much more common.
  44. the third terminator
    Judge Blocks Hybrid-Cab RequirementBloomberg ‘disappointed,’ to say the least.
  45. intel
    CopCabs Are Totally Freaking Us Out Right NowIf cops are riding around undercover in yellow cabs, where else could they be?
  46. intel
    Taxi TV: Turn It Up or Turn It Off?In which we ask: Are you one of those people who idly watches the new in-cab programming? Or do you angrily poke at the screen until it mercifully blacks out?
  47. it just happened
    Cab Explodes in Front of St. Patrick’sNo one seems to have been hurt, but we’ll keep you posted.
  48. intel
    This Week, Give Cab Drivers a Little CreditIf you’ve ridden in New York taxis for a long time, you’re probably already wary of the credit-card machines that have been installed in many of them. The ones that have been in cabs for a couple of years now never really worked, and not handing over cash just feels weird. The Post reveals today that cab drivers are also suspicious of the devices. In fact, many of them would do anything to prevent you from swiping. According to the tabloid, they’d rather just grab your cold, hard cash and will lie about broken machines or fake policies to make sure that’s how you pay. The Post doesn’t specifically explain why some drivers would rather have you pay them in cash, but the implication that most cabbies are cheats is pretty heavy throughout the piece. The problem is so bad that the head of the Taxi and Limousine Commission himself was once prevented from using a credit card by a deceitful cabbie. The cabbies’ union claims that the problem is the equipment, not the drivers. After the jump, some technical advice on what to do to avoid this problem.
  49. party lines
    Anderson Cooper, False Populist?Last night we cornered Anderson Cooper yet again at a gala at the Museum of Natural History. He was there for the CNN Heroes Awards ceremony. He told us that our lusty coverage of his mondo biceps was one of the only things he read about himself on the Internet this year (“I try not to read anything about myself,” he explained, and we didn’t ask why). Then we got to chatting about the subway. “I ride the subway every day actually,” he told us, explaining that it’s the fastest way to get around. “You get to interact with people from all different walks of life in a very short amount of time. So before they actually get annoying, you’re off the train.” Wow, that’s an excellent point, we realized. So what do people ask celebrity (and heir) Anderson Cooper when they see him? “Why are you on the subway?” he said. Wow. Anderson is such a man of the people. Except, wait a minute. We just spotted a post on his blog from yesterday. “So today has been one of those days. I ran out of my apartment after our morning call today and suddenly realized I’d forgotten both my keys and wallet,” he blogged from his BlackBerry. “I’m now in a taxi (I borrowed some cash) and am heading to the Museum of Natural History.” You have no money and you’re late, but you’re taking a taxi? That doesn’t sound like someone who believes in the power of the subway. —Amy Odell Ready for an inspiring night [CNN] Earlier: Iraq Trips Hamper Anderson’s Gym Schedule Related: Anderson loves the subway, but why do you love New York?
  50. the morning line
    Three Punished for Deutsche Deaths • More than a week after the Deutsch Bank blaze killed two firefighters, three FDNY honchos have been reassigned for failing to regularly inspect the building or come up with a plan to fight a fire there. [NYT]
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