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  1. tea time
    Tea Partiers Care More About Godlier Government Than Smaller GovernmentTwo professors have studied exactly what kind of people became tea partiers.
  2. what’s the matter with wisconsin?
    Tea Party Faces Off With Protesters in WisconsinTo support Scott Walker.
  3. tea time
    Thirteen Percent of Tea Partiers Say Violence Against the Current American Government Is JustifiedOnly 4 percent of non-tea-partiers say the same thing.
  4. don’t ask don’t tell
    New Research Confirms Majority of Americans Completely Fine With Letting Gays Serve Openly in the MilitaryTea partiers, not so much.
  5. tea time
    Tea Party Senators Get Their First VictoryThe GOP looks set to enact a self-imposed earmark ban.
  6. tea time
    Radio Talk-Show Host Who Says Crazy Things Will Not Be a Congressional Chief of StaffJoyce Kaufman, of “if ballots don’t work, bullets will” fame, chooses to stay in Florida.
  7. tea time
    Michele Bachmann Drops Bid for Actual PowerShe realizes that her fellow Republicans in Congress had almost zero desire to vote her into the House leadership.
  8. tea time
    Diversity Coming to the Congressional Black CaucusTwo black Republicans are welcome to join, the chairwoman says.
  9. blast from the past
    A Little Bit NuttyWhy did the wife of Clarence Thomas leave Anita Hill a voice-mail message and ask her to apologize?
  10. politics
    Republicans Are Raising a Lot More Money Than the DemocratsAnd explaining to voters that the other guy is crazy is expensive.
  11. tea time
    What Makes Someone a Tea Partier?The Times and AP have wildly different numbers on how many tea-party candidates are on the ballot this year.
  12. tea time
    Brooklyn Tea Party Strives for ‘Culturalism’Maybe you should live almost anywhere else but Brooklyn?
  13. tea time
    Obama Thinks Tea Partiers Worried About the National Debt Should Be Mad at Bush, Old PeopleOur debt isn’t his fault.
  14. early and often
    ‘Granite Grizzly’ Kelly Ayotte Narrowly Beats Tea Party in New HampshireAyotte defeated Ovide Lamontagne in the Republican primary for the U.S. Senate.
  15. tea time
    Tea Party Ascendant With Win in DelawareAn unemployed anti-masturbation activist takes out a nine-term congressman.
  16. Meet Christine O’Donnell, the Tea Partier Who Could Lose the Senate for the GOPShe is a very interesting person.
  17. tea time
    The Tea Party’s Secret Weekly Strategy Memo, RevealedThe week in tea partying, through the eyes of the tea party leader himself.
  18. tea time
    GOP Congressmen Not Exactly Rushing to Join Tea Party CaucusWhy isn’t the GOP more excited about this new and awesome group?
  19. tea time
    Joe Biden: Tea Party ‘Not Racist’But the Tea Party itself is not so sure about that.
  20. tea time
    Tea Party Decides Its Hitler-Obama-Lenin Billboard Was a Little Over the Top After AllThe group’s founder had the billboard papered over today.
  21. freedooooommmm!
    John Boehner Is Very Excited for the Coming RevolutionWe haven’t seen anything like this “since 1776,” he says seriously.
  22. tea time
    Mark Williams Steps Down As Chairman of the Tea Party ExpressHe will be devoting himself to fighting the construction of a mosque near ground zero.
  23. tea time
    A Tea Party Consultant on the ‘Black Arts’ of His Trade“I talk to the same part of your brain that causes road rage.”
  24. tea time
    Kentucky State Senate Calls Rand Paul UnamericanOuch.
  25. tea time
    Rand Paul Not Libertarian Enough for Libertarian PartyPaul may face a challenge from someone who hates the government even more than he does.
  26. tea time
    Rand Paul Cancels on Meet the Press“No more national interviews on the topic.”
  27. tea time
    Rand Paul Trying to Bail on Meet the Press“Meet the Press” responds with public shaming.
  28. tea time
    Rand Paul Wishes That People Would Ignore His Support for Allowing Legalized SegregationGod, media, what’s your deal?
  29. tea time
    Updated: Rand Paul Does Damage ControlHe’s not going to repeal the Civil Rights Act, yay!
  30. tea time
    Mark ‘Monkey-God’ Williams Apologizes to HindusHe knows how stupid this is.
  31. tea time
    The Rand Paul Bubble Has Already BurstThe Senate candidate wouldn’t have outlawed segregation.
  32. tea time
    Tea Party Leader Is Mad About Muslims Praying to ‘Monkey-God’ Near Ground ZeroWhoops!
  33. tea time
    Tea Partiers Don’t Know How Good They Have ItTaxes are lower now than they’ve been since 1950.
  34. tea time
    Tea Party Express Releases Hit ListSome of these people should actually be scared.
  35. tea time
    Times Poll: Tea-Party Supporters Are Wealthier, More Well EducatedWhile Republicans are “dissatisfied,” tea partiers are “angry.”
  36. tea time
    Look at These Photos and Feel Superior to Tea Partiers“This is America and our only lanaguage [sic] is English.”
  37. tea time
    Tea Party Convention Organizer Sued Over ‘Rock Star’ Palin’s Speaker’s FeePalin’s contract, which included specifics on private planes, was as detailed as a rock star’s.
  38. tea time
    Meet the Masterminds of New York’s Tea-Party MovementTheir biggest donor so far is a Manhattan doctor who’s written a check for $500.
  39. tea time
    Sarah Palin and Joe the Plumber Need to Debate the Future of the Tea Party MovementWill it work within the system, or seek to destroy it?
  40. we feel like we’re taking crazy pills
    TeaParty.org Founder Misspells His Own HateAn old photo of a Tea Party activist is making the rounds today.
  41. tea time
    Trailer for Tea Party Movie Is Apparently SincereDidn’t Don LaFontaine die like a year ago?