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  1. academic freedom
    Mississippi Educator Fired for Reading Kids a Silly BookAssistant principal Toby Price read I Need a New Butt to second-graders in Hinds County. Now he’s out of a job.
  2. education
    Glenn Youngkin Won’t Stop Undermining Public SchoolsIt’s ludicrous to think that parents alone should control every school decision affecting their kids.
  3. education
    What Will the First Day of School Look Like?Terrified teachers. Obstinate officials. Exhausted parents. Inside the messy, bungled battle to reopen New York City’s schools.
  4. education
    She Just Wants Her Students To Keep TalkingSamantha Elkaim knows she can’t replicate her classroom, but maybe she can still reach the kids.
  5. labor
    Little Rock Teachers Refuse to Relive the Bad Old DaysDecades after the school district integrated, a state proposal threatens progress.
  6. politics
    Matt Bevin Was Unpopular Because of His PoliciesMatt Bevin was a uniquely unpopular governor. It’s important to understand why.
  7. education
    West Virginia Republicans Are Still Trying to Punish Striking TeachersWest Virginia teachers demonstrated again on Monday as GOP lawmakers pushed school choice and penalties for striking teachers after recent walkouts.
  8. education
    Years of Low Pay Helped Spark the Teacher Strike WaveA new report affirms protesting teachers’ complaints, noting their wages have long been declining and they’re paid less than comparable professionals.
  9. education
    After a Weeklong Strike, Los Angeles Teachers May Have a DealMembers of the United Teachers of Los Angeles still have to vote on the deal, but it sounds like a victory for striking educators.
  10. kentucky
    Kentucky Governor Calls Special Session to Go After Teacher Pensions AgainThe state Supreme Court shot down cuts to public employee pensions, so Matt Bevin is pursuing his unpopular “reforms” in the worst possible way.
  11. education
    Chicago Teachers Clear Path for Nation’s First Charter-School StrikeFollowing a wave of teacher protests earlier this year, Acero Charter Schools educators voted to authorize a potentially groundbreaking strike.
  12. politics
    Walkouts Led to Big Wins for Red-State Teachers. Why Are They Still Struggling?Despite winning raises in Arizona, Oklahoma, and West Virginia, teachers are still being squeezed — and they’re willing to fight for more.
  13. in my experience
    I’m a Teacher in a Red State. The Teachers’ Strike Turned My Ballot Blue.I was a lifelong Republican. After seeing how little “trickled down” to my classroom and joining the Oklahoma walkout, I started voting for Democrats.
  14. Red-State Teacher Unrest Just Keeps SpreadingThe wave of protests and strikes isn’t just about pay, but about GOP tax-cut-driven starvation of education spending.
  15. Kentucky Teachers Fighting Pension CutsKentucky Republicans are trying to cut teacher pension benefits to fund what’s left. Teachers are fighting this change, and at the moment, winning.
  16. select all
    Watching This Teacher Sing to Her Class Is Giving Me Secondhand Embarrassment“Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but I’m your teacher, so listen maybe.”
  17. bad teacher
    N.J. Teacher Sacked for Mocking Student’s NameOn social media.
  18. awful people
    New Jersey Gym Teachers Fired for Locker-Room RacismGood.
  19. crimes and misdemeanors
    Bringing Heroin to Jury Duty Not a Fireable Offense for TeacherFiring is “excessive and shocking to this court’s sense of fairness.”
  20. bad education
    Bronx Teacher Allegedly Called Student a ‘Negro’They didn’t understand a word she said.
  21. anderson school
    Dream Teacher Suspended for Giving Kids All A’sThe kids were probably fine with it.
  22. school’s out for forever
    Chicago Teachers Go on Strike, City Tries to Occupy 350,000 KidsHours of “independent reading or writing” isn’t going to cut it.
  23. education
    Accused Perverts Still Teaching in NYCThe Department of Education has a hard time firing teachers for allegedly being gross.
  24. other states’ embarrassments
    Alabama State Senator Wants to Keep Teachers Poor, for the ChildrenHe has a really good (read: terrible) reason for this. 
  25. education
    Teacher Fails at Forging Jury Duty LetterA veteran Manhattan educator is being forced to resign after doing a sloppy job.
  26. school daze
    NYC Prep School Fires History Teacher for Mysterious Racial JokeHe blames his South African sarcasm.
  27. school daze
    Rubber-Room Teachers Can Pay Their Way Back Into the Classroom$7,500 and poof, they’re back.
  28. school daze
    Michelle Rhee: Fine, Investigate Sketchy Test Results From My TenureSee if she cares.
  29. school daze
    City Unveils List of 4,600 Teachers to Be Cut If Albany Doesn’t Change ‘Last In, First Out’Naturally, the cuts would affect poor neighborhoods first.
  30. school daze
    Sexy ‘Naked’ Lady Teachers Sue City for $2 MillionThey may be sexy, but they were NOT having sex when that janitor walked in on them.
  31. what’s the matter with wisconsin?
    Wisconsin Teachers Will Return to WorkWisconsin students totally bummed.
  32. school daze
    Bloomberg Pushes to End ‘Last In, First Out’ for Teachers, But Cuomo ResistsThere may be a compromise in the works.
  33. school daze
    Joel Klein Thinks Up to 10 Percent of Educators Are IncompetentBut can never get fired.
  34. school daze
    Cathie Black Takes on Teacher TenureWow, going after the golden goose so soon?
  35. school daze
    ‘I’m Not a Gynecologist, But I’ll Take a Look Inside’Teachers should not be Facebook friends with students. This is why.
  36. school daze
    Bloomberg Suspends Hooker/Teacher Melissa PetroAnd she just got tenure!
  37. school daze
    Prolific Prostitute/Teacher’s Students Surprisingly Not Good at GooglingEither that, or they are surprisingly chill.
  38. bad education
    Schools Hoard $10 Billion Stimulus to Rehire Teachers“We can’t treat this money as if it’s a supplement to a jobs bill.”
  39. jobs
    Obama Signs $26 Billion Jobs Bill, Saves Teacher JobsMeasure will also create positions for police officers, firefighters, and nurses.
  40. america’s sweetheart
    Did Sarah Palin Roll Her Eyes at Teaching?From this video, Palin seems to have no respect for teachers.
  41. school daze
    Hookup Teachers Got Dressed Really SlowlyThis is the most disturbing thing of all.
  42. school daze
    The Rubber Rooms Are No MoreYesterday, a terrible idea came to an end.
  43. money woes
    Bloomberg to Avoid Teacher Layoffs by Canceling RaisesA total of 4,400 teacher jobs are saved.
  44. rubber buns and liquor
    City’s Rubber Rooms Finally EliminatedIt’s a “rubber room rubout”! Oh, ew.
  45. gaffs
    New Jersey Teachers Union Prays for Chris Christie’s DeathThe governor did not take too kindly to this.
  46. sad things
    Jaime Escalante, Inspiration for Stand and Deliver, Dies at 79The East Los Angeles math teacher was one of the most famous educators in America.
  47. school daze
    Students at James Madison High in Brooklyn Will Never Take Their Hot Teachers Seriously Ever AgainYet another instructor is busted in an inappropriate situation.
  48. school daze
    Students All Hot About Hook-up TeachersA pair of lady teachers in Brooklyn have a school abuzz.
  49. teachers
    The Times Asks: Should Teachers Sell Lesson Plans?And should they be allowed to buy vacations with the money?
  50. early and often
    Randi Weingarten in Running for Hillary’s SpotThough, at this point, who isn’t?
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