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Tech Boot Camp 2019

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    How to Kick Former Friends Off Your Streaming AccountsPassword mooching is an epidemic. Luckily, you have the power to stop it.
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    What, Precisely, Are ‘Slofies’ For?Apple wants its new slow-motion selfie to be a game changer. The reality is a little more confusing.
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    Can You Create a Smart Home Without the Internet?Home automation is more popular than ever, but it carries a slew of risks.
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    LastManStanley, TikTok’s Weirdest Creator, Walks Us Through His Process@lastmanstanley’s videos are odd, uncomfortable, and sometimes feature the creepy ‘Hereditary’ soundtrack.
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    How the iPhone’s New Ultrawide Lens Actually Works (and When You Should Use It)Travel photography will never be the same.
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    How to Mess Up Your Life by Trying to Use iMessage on an Android PhoneThere are workarounds, but they’re glitchy, and delicate, and can mess up your entire life.
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    How to Make the Most of Your Old TechJust because it’s not cutting-edge doesn’t mean you can’t put it to good use.
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    Unraveling the Mystery of the TikTok ‘For You’ PageGetting on the ‘For You’ page is apparently the key to growth on TikTok. But nobody is sure how it works.
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    How to Build Your Own Personal Streaming ServiceWith streaming overload on the horizon, it might just be easier to build your own digital media library.
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    How to Block, Mute, and Avoid Your Enemies OnlineCleansing your feed has only grown more granular over time.