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  1. obituaries
    John Warner Was the Glamorous Republican Heretic of the SenateThe late senator figured he’d only be remembered for his marriage to Elizabeth Taylor, but it should be for his struggle against extremism in the GOP.
  2. obituaries
    Fritz Mondale, Public ServantThe old-school liberal and party loyalist redefined the vice-presidency.
  3. sex scandals
    Fanne Fox, Wilbur Mills, and a Tale of Washington HubrisThe woman involved in the implosion of one of Washington’s most bloated careers has died, and with her a golden era of D.C. sex scandals.
  4. politics
    Why Big Mo Matters to BidenPast presidents — including Barack Obama — who got off to a slow or clumsy start often paid dearly for it. Biden wants to avoid that fate.
  5. vision 2020
    What Does the History of Black Primary Voting Tell Us About 2020?It’s not totally clear whether Harris or Booker will perform like Barack Obama in 2008 or like Al Sharpton in 2004.
  6. vision 2020
    William Weld Isn’t Going to Save the GOP From TrumpThe former turned current Republican is as much of a threat to Trump as the gnats Richard Nixon swatted aside in 1972.
  7. vision 2020
    How Late Can Stacey Abrams Launch a Presidential Candidacy?A September announcement would be risky for the popular Georgian, but not necessarily fatal.
  8. what’s past is prologue
    How Jimmy Carter’s Election Previewed Trump’sAs Carter becomes the oldest ex-president, it’s useful to remember how strange and unusual his rise to the White House actually was.
  9. vision 2020
    4 Reasons Democrats Will Have a Front-runner Soon — and 3 They Won’tMore than likely someone will eventually stroll to the nomination in 2020. But maybe not so fast and maybe not at all.
  10. birch bayh
    Birch Bayh, Liberal Lion of the Senate, Dies at 91Bayh’s proudest accomplishment was the Title IX law banning gender discrimination in higher education. He was also chief Senate sponsor of the ERA.
  11. 2020 presidential election
    Warning to Beto-Maniacs: Early Presidential Buzz Can Be an Omen or an IllusionBeto O’Rourke is looking very good as a 2020 presidential prospect. But others have looked just as good and have quickly flamed out or failed to run.
  12. The Powerful Myth of the Would-Be President RFK, 50 Years LaterRobert F. Kennedy promised a kind of mind-bending coalition of minorities and white working-class voters that progressives still crave.
  13. A Democratic Wave in the Midterms Could Expose Trump to a 2020 Primary ChallengeTrump stands athwart the GOP like a colossus right now. But like him, his party doesn’t like losers.
  14. Orrin Hatch to Retire, Meaning We Might See Senator Mitt Romney in 2019Having the GOP presidential nominee and anti-Trump firebrand in the Republican caucus would be interesting.
  15. politics
    Now You Too Can Learn How Much Being a Senator SucksSenators current and former head to Boston to dedicate the Ted Kennedy Institute of the U.S. Senate.
  16. politics
    Did Harry Reid ‘Use’ Ted Kennedy’s Illness?A new book about the Obama stimulus plan says yes.
  17. early and often
    Phew, Our Kennedy-less Congress May Only Last Two YearsTed Kennedy’s son could maybe, possibly run for the Senate.
  18. early and awkward
    Harry Reid’s ‘Greatest Living Americans’ Are Ted Kennedy and Robert ByrdOh no.
  19. camelot
    Ted Kennedy’s Life Wasn’t All Death ThreatsIt was also sex parties, maybe.
  20. early and often
    Seven Things That Will Happen After Scott Brown’s WinHow today’s Massachusetts special election could change everything.
  21. early and often
    Scott Brown Pulls Away from Martha CoakleyDemocrats are scared.
  22. early and often
    Who’s to Blame for a Candidate Like Martha Coakley?In a way, this is all Teddy’s fault.
  23. early and often
    Time for Democrats to Start Freaking Out Over MassachusettsRepublican Scott Brown really could win, and ruin health-care reform.
  24. early and often
    Rasmussen: Massachusetts Senate Race Neck and NeckMartha Coakley is still confident, though.
  25. health carnage
    One Crazy Way Health-Care Reform Could FailCould Democrats lose their filibusterproof majority before the final vote?
  26. early and often
    Paul Kirk Expected to Be Named to Replace Ted Kennedy TomorrowHe says he’ll pretty much do what Kennedy would have done.
  27. ted kennedy
    Ted Kennedy’s Book Tells of Secret RFK-LBJ MeetingRobert Kennedy wanted to go to Vietnam to broker peace in 1967, but for personal reasons LBJ said no.
  28. photo op
    Thousands Pay Respects to Ted Kennedy in BostonBostonians lined the streets of the city yesterday afternoon to see the liberal lion’s casket progress toward his brother’s presidential library.
  29. in other news
    Five Random Things We Learned About Ted KennedyLike having the first congressional website before most people were aware of the Internet.
  30. in other news
    When Newspapers First Mentioned Chappaquiddick YesterdayThe Boston ‘Globe’ beat everyone else to the punch yesterday.
  31. early and awkward
    Ted Kennedy’s Last Wish — Fulfilled?Massachusetts may be coming around to appointing a quick replacement for Kennedy.
  32. obit
    Never Meant to Be President: Ted Kennedy, SurvivorHe lived, and served, long enough to appreciate politics as a messy craft with a long horizon.
  33. sad things
    Ted Kennedy’s New York ConnectionsBack off, Boston — he’s ours, too.
  34. what other people think
    Could Kennedy’s Death Save Health-Care Reform?The passing of Ted Kennedy changes the math in the Senate, but could it end up helping the Democrats?
  35. in other news
    How We’re Remembering Ted KennedyIs he first a “liberal lion”? A “family patriarch”? The “health-care power broker”? Or are people this morning talking about something else?
  36. sad things
    Ted Kennedy, ‘Liberal Lion of the Senate,’ Dies at 77President Obama called him the “greatest United States senator of our time.”
  37. Condé Nast Is ‘Operating Like General Motors’And more grim news about the struggling media industry.
  38. photo op
    Barack Obama: ConductorAt Ted Kennedy’s musical birthday salute last night at the Kennedy Center (natch), the president took on a new role
  39. early and often
    Not So Fast: Ted Kennedy Insiders Already Annoyed at CarolineEven the hint that she stepped down because of his health has gotten some people peeved.
  40. inaugur-nation!
    Ted Kennedy Recovering WellHis seizure yesterday was due to ‘simple fatigue.’
  41. early and often
    Ted Kennedy Back in ActionAnd he’s back in charge of the Democrats’ health-care hopes, Hillary Clinton be damned.
  42. intel
    The First Five Minutes of the ‘Gossip Girl’ Season Premiere!In a short time we learn that Chuck is a ho, Nate is a ho, Dan is a ho, and Serena wears satin on the beach. This is going to be phenomenal.
  43. in other news
    ‘The New Republic’ Tries to Read Caroline Kennedy’s MindAnd in it, they see that she’s using Obama to restore some luster to the Kennedy name. We didn’t know it needed restoration.
  44. it just happened
    Senator Ted Kennedy Has Brain Tumor, Doctors SayHe is currently resting comfortably, reports his family, and a plan of treatment is still uncertain.
  45. early and often
    Ted Kennedy’s Considerable Weight Handy in Obama EndorsementBarack Obama came away from Saturday’s shellacking of Hillary Clinton in South Carolina with more than a few delegates: Ted Kennedy, elder statesmen of liberal politics, is throwing his considerable heft (bloat?) behind Obama’s candidacy. And of course his niece Caroline Kennedy, JFK’s daughter, also endorsed Obama in the Times. What will be the impact of Camelot’s endorsement? Not much? Or, as seems to be the popular consensus, a whole lot?
  46. gossipmonger
    Heath Ledger Has a Supermodel in His SightsHeath Ledger has been stalking Gemma Ward around town and also tried hitting on (taken) Heather Graham. The server who brought Chelsea Clinton the wrong appetizer at Irving Mill may or may not have been fired. Calvin Klein is vandalizing his Houston Street billboard for the opening of the New Museum on the Bowery. NBC honcho Jeff Zucker doesn’t want the strike to end because retail advertisers have already bought up ad space, and now production costs are zero. Kimora Lee Simmons was overheard saying that the reason she invited Russell Simmons’s new girlfriend, Porschla Coleman, to meet the “major players” at Simmons’s birthday last month is because she “wants this stupid bitch to get a clue.” Seagram heir Edgar Bronfman Jr. just bought an $18.75 million condo in the Carhart mansion on East 95th Street.
  47. company town
    Ben Bradlee Believes in Rupert MurdochMEDIA • Legendary Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee on Rupe’s play for the Journal: “I think Murdoch is a better journalist than the rest of you do. … Well, I think because he’s smart, and he’s not going to fill it up with pussy stories. And he’s going to get good reporters. I think he does not want to fail on this.” [Radar] • Ted Kennedy sold his memoir to Grand Central Publishing for $8 million, but the deal first has to be cleared by the Senate Ethics Committee. Something tells us the chapter on Chappaquiddick won’t be too long. [NYT] • The Times bagged their first refugee from the Journal, though it’s not a very big catch: John Harwood, the veteran CNBC Washington correspondent and occasional contributor to the Journal, will now take his part-time work to the Gray Lady. [NYO]
  48. gossipmonger
    Blowin’ in the WindBobby Kennedy Jr. says he and his uncle Ted aren’t as opposed to the proposed Cape Cod wind farm as a book says they are. Liza Minnelli and Isle Werther are fighting over a dress. Barneys creative director Simon Doonan is happy to be a “card-carrying fag.” Boxing will go upscale when three Ford models replace the traditional ring girls at the upcoming welterweight championship at MSG. Former Justin Timberlake flame Cameron Diaz and current Justin Timberlake flame Jessica Biel will both be at the MTV Movie Awards, which may be awkward. Adam Carolla noted that Rosie O’Donnell is a fat female lesbian, and thus has “triple coverage as a minority.” President Bush’s chief domestic policy adviser, Karl Zinzmeister, reportedly said he’d never hire another woman because they “just get pregnant and leave.” Dean McDermott broke up with girlfriend Mary Jo Eustace via “Page Six.”
  49. gossipmonger
    RIP, IsabellaThe death of Isabella Blow by either cancer or suicide dominated conversation at the Costume Institute Gala last night. (We’ve got a Costume Institute slideshow and a tribute to Blow by Harriet Mays Powell and Amy Larocca.) Tom Brokaw won’t return to the anchor’s seat at NBC News despite the network’s slip in the ratings. While out shopping, Owen Wilson and Kate Hudson had difficulty getting into Tom Ford’s new store. The widow of Dr. Robert Atkins is embroiled in a legal battle for her late husband’s $100 million trust. Rosie O’Donnell is angling for the host slot on The Price Is Right. Amy Poehler and Will Arnett upgraded their West Village digs. Dan Abrams broke some cuff links, so he had to use dental floss to fasten plastic clips on his shirt. Like every other actor in New York, Cynthia Nixon will appear on an episode of Law & Order.
  50. gossipmonger
    Rosie Offends WomenRosie O’Donnell emceed a luncheon for Women in Communications, and she offended audience members with off-color jokes. Cindy Adams liked her act, though. Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy, Norman Mailer, and Anna Wintour all showed up for the memorial service for JFK aide Arthur Schlesinger Jr. Rudy Giuliani’s success in presidential polls is making Mike Bloomberg want to run for president. Martha Stewart’s billionaire boyfriend, Charles Simonyi, returned from a visit to the International Space Station. An Icelandic billionaire bought an Ian Schrager penthouse in Gramercy Park for $10 million. Hotelier Jason Pomeranc celebrated his birthday with Kate Hudson. Sheryl Crow may be an environmental activist, but a performance rider shows she demands three tractor trailers, four buses, and six cars for a gig. Speaking of Crow, she may have had a falling out with fellow activist Laurie David during their anti-global-warming cross-country tour.
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