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    The Best Consultants in Silicon Valley Are TeenagersThirty-something developers looking to build the next big thing are consulting high-school and college students to learn what works.
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    What It’s Like to Be a Teenager in a Rapidly Changing Havana“I can’t travel much, so I like that people come to Havana from all over the world. Meeting them is like a vacation. A very small vacation.”
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    A 14-Year-Old Girl Is Suing Facebook for Hosting Naked Photos of HerThe teenager’s lawyer equated Facebook allowing the image to be posted with child abuse.
  4. Rich Teens Use Instagram, Poor Teens Use FacebookAnd all teens are on social media all the time. 
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    Brooklyn Teen Arrested for Emoji-Laden Threats Against NYPDOn Twitter.
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    Police Want to Photograph Sexting Teen’s PenisUsing a shot to make him erect.
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    Brooklyn High School Field Trip Ends TragicallyA student wandered off and drowned.
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    N.J. Teen Accused of Setting Fire to Home, Trying to Kill Her Entire FamilyThis definitely goes beyond teen angst.
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    Terrible Teens Defile 9/11 MemorialTheir excuse: “Everyone was kind of bored .”
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    Teens Are Supposedly Showing Each Other Their Passwords, All Willy-NillyIt’s like sex, but stupider.
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    Philly Teenagers Had the Least Fun Friday Night EverCops are serious about the city’s new curfew laws.
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    New York City Public Schools Will Be Required to Teach Sex Ed This YearYes, that was not a requirement already.
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    ‘Recession Anxiety’: The Latest Excuse for Teenagers Who Act Like TeenagersMove aside, Attention Deficit Disorder!
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    Is Giving a Laxative-Laced Cake to a Teacher Funny or Not?Some Brooklyn high-school kids were arrested after serving a cake packed with poop juice to their teachers. It’s awful—but still kind of funny. Right?
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    ‘Times’ Gets Kinda Pervy in Miley Cyrus ArticleAlso, New York schoolgirls reveal whether they’re standing by Hannah Montana or dropping her like a too-difficult calculus class.
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    New Anti-Teen Weapon: Harbinger of Bleak Future?So in an attempt to rid the outside and stairwells of the apartment building he manages of the pesky teens who hang out there, last week Sean Mann of Jamaica, Queens, became the first person in New York to install a device known as the Mosquito. A small wall-mounted box that emits a high-pitched screech only audible to people in their teens and early twenties, the Mosquito was created in Britain to deter teen loiterers, and so far, it seems to work. “It’s obnoxious, high-pitched and painful,” 19-year-old Kristin Hankins told the Post, when they tried it out in Washington Square Park the other day. Weird. While we’re not too bothered that someone has devised a way to shut up teenagers, what if this is merely the beginning?
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    HarperCollins, Still With the DecapitationsSpeaking of HarperCollins: Lit blogger Bookburger has notices a curious new trend in the design of covers for teen novels: Decapitation. More and more releases from HarperTeen — Bookburger cites three examples from the spring catalogue — feature cover images of teenage bodies with the attached head conveniently cropped off. It’s a strange trend, and an objectifying one, but it’s also sort of inexplicable to be coming from Harper right now. If nothing else in the last few weeks, hasn’t the publisher learned it might be best to stay far away from beheadings? Headless Wonders [Bookburger] Earlier: Our coverage of Judith Regan
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    Educators Want to Eliminate Middle School, PubertyToday’s Times is reporting on the newest wrinkle in radical school reform since Bard president Leon Botstein proposed doing away with high school altogether — doing away instead with its younger sibling, middle school. Performance is historically so abysmal in those three-year programs that the question among administrators and researchers is no longer whether it’s a good idea but rather whether K–8 or 6–12 is the better solution. But how do the children feel about it? For that we direct you to reporter Elissa Gootman’s accompanying photo essay on P.S. 105 in Far Rockaway (K–8) and Harlem’s Frederick Douglass High School (6–12). The mortified faces on the middle-school-aged students suggest an even more radical reform idea that would no doubt make the teens happy. Never mind middle school: Can they just do away with adolescence? Photo Essay: The Middle School Dilemma [NYT] Taking Middle Schoolers Out of the Middle [NYT]