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    We Talked to the Teen Who Tweeted From Her Fridge After Her Mom Took Her PhoneDesperate times called for desperate measures for one dedicated Ariana Grande fan.
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    Teen Texting Panic: It’s Back, Baby!What are they saying, and why is it always horny?
  3. 6 Teenage Boys Are Running for Governor of KansasIn response, Kansas lawmakers are trying to impose new age requirements for holding a statewide office.
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    Facebook Buys Anonymous Teen App TBH, So It’ll Probably Be Uncool SoonThe incredibly popular app lets users send anonymous compliments.
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    Teen YouTuber Charged With Killing Boyfriend in Gun Stunt Gone WrongPedro Ruiz reportedly thought a harcover book would be enough to stop a bullet from hitting him.
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    Teens Knocking Each Other to the Ground in New Backpack ChallengeImagine running through a gauntlet of your peers while they throw backpacks full of books at you. Sound fun?
  7. Hillary Clinton Makes Final Case for Candidacy: She Can Do a Mannequin ChallengeHillary Clinton and Jon Bon Jovi look like creepy wax statues in her latest ad.
  8. Mannequin Dancing Is the Only Viral Content That Matters Right NowCan’t. Stop. Watching.
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    Take a Walking Tour of the Escape Route That YouTube Couple Took Out of ChicagoRelive the drama and also grab some Chipotle.
  10. How This Unknown Livestreaming App Jumped to the Top of the Apple ChartsTeens. And more teens. And some other factors, but mostly teens.
  11. Colorado Teens Smoke Weed Less Now That It’s LegalA new survey finds that the teens are all right.
  12. Meet the Hero Teen Who Took a Copy of Super Smash Bros. Melee to Prom“No one’s loyal these days but Melee’s always there for you.”
  13. Uber Driver Sues Snapchat Over Selfie-Driven Car AccidentPlease don’t snap and drive.
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    This Easy Trick Tells You Who’s Ignoring You on SnapchatA tip from a professional Snapchatter.
  15. Down to Lunch, the App Store’s Hottest New App, Is Tearing Teen Internet ApartNot everybody is down with Down to Lunch.
  16. This Teenager Just Won $250,000 in a Drone-Racing CompetitionHe’s 15.
  17. feel the bern
    Sanders Campaign Sues Ohio to Let 17-Year-Olds Vote in Democratic PrimarySanders needs the teens.
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    Teens Are Making Thousands on Tumblr Using This One Weird TrickIt’s not as hard as you think.
  19. The Woman Who Invented ‘on Fleek’ Still Hasn’t Seen a Dime for ItOur current copyright system offers little protection to the black creators generating much of the viral content.
  20. teens
    Teens Today: Boring As HellAmerica’s youth are drinkin’, smokin’, and doin’ it at alarmingly low rates.
  21. teens
    Bored Teens Now Trying to Summon Demons in Their Spare TimeBloody Mary is so ‘90s.
  22. Super-Ambitious Teen Tries to Steal the Same Car TwicePlus a pair of Adidas sneakers.
  23. bad pranks
    Senior Prank Involving 72,000 Ladybugs Ends With Criminal Charges, VacuumingThe ladybugs were purchased online. 
  24. teens
    Police Rescue Stoned Teens Who Got Lost in a Park in Broad DaylightIt wasn’t even a big park, you guys.
  25. teens
    Brooklyn Businesses Terrorized by TeensBusiness owners in Bensonhurst say teens have been stealing from and harassing them.
  26. teens
    Out-of-Control Teens Spending Hundreds of Dollars Just to Ask Each Other to PromThe average promposal costs $324.
  27. Students Protest American Sniper Showing“The movie ‘American Sniper’ not only tolerates but promotes anti-Muslim and anti-MENA rhetoric.”
  28. teens
    Teen Daughter Introduces Bored Wall Street Dad to Dangers of SnapchatIf you send a Snapchat to your daughter, she will screenshot it and upload it to Instagram, as teen scripture dictates.
  29. politics
    Now You Too Can Learn How Much Being a Senator SucksSenators current and former head to Boston to dedicate the Ted Kennedy Institute of the U.S. Senate.
  30. Preteens Now Willing to Kill for Access to SnapchatThe unnamed 12-year-old tried to poison her mother with bleach.
  31. teens
    Court Says Almost-Adult Girl Not Adult Enough to Refuse ChemoEven if her mother agrees.
  32. teens
    Johns Hopkins Disappoints Hundreds of TeensNot a good day to be a teen.
  33. neighborhood news
    Teens One Step Closer to Taking Over NYCThey’re now allowed to join community boards.
  34. teens
    17-Year-Old Girl Arrested for Running Facebook Prostitution RingKids these days.
  35. teens
    Teens Crash Car After Burning Driver’s Armpit Hair With a LighterToday in bad ideas.
  36. teens
    Badass Teen Girls Rebel Against Super-Strict, Slut-Shamey Dress CodeAlmost 200 students have been given detention for violating the new dress code.
  37. New Jersey Teen Charlotte Samuels Is a Total Badass, Completes Triple CrownShe swam across the English Channel in 9 hours and 54 minutes. 
  38. crimes and misdemeanors
    4 New Jersey Teens Charged With Steubenville-esque Sexual Assault The alleged attack on an extremely drunk 15-year-old girl was caught on video.
  39. kids today
    Staten Island Teens Go Crazy for (Allegedly) Corrupt CongressmanRepresentative Michael Grimm stopped by a sweet-16 party.
  40. school daze
    New Jersey Prosecutor Delights in Teen’s Lack of Hacking Skills The 16-year-old was caught using a teacher’s password to change grades and attendance records.
  41. crimes and misdemeanors
    Teen Girls Went on a Monday Morning Mugging SpreeOne hour, four victims. 
  42. crimes and misdemeanors
    Phone Thieves Send Obnoxious Selfie to Teen Victim’s Friends, MomAt least everyone knows what they look like now.
  43. kids today
    Senior Prank Goes Very, Very Wrong for New Jersey High SchoolersThe “but it’s a rite of passage excuse” didn’t go over well with cops.
  44. school daze
    Miss America Says She Doesn’t Want Teen Punished for Asking Her to PromBut Nina Davuluri still won’t be doing any slow-dancing.
  45. school daze
    Brave Teen Asks Miss America to Prom, Ends Up SuspendedNo fun.
  46. kids today
    NJ Teen Who Sued Her Parents Gets ScholarshipShe just got a $56,000 college scholarship.
  47. school daze
    Brooklyn High-Schoolers Forced to Spend the Night on Broken Bus in FloridaWith no way to charge their phones.
  48. City Councilmember Wants to Give Teens More Power Over Municipal MattersWhat could go wrong?
  49. kids today
    New Jersey Teen Who Sued Parents for Financial Support Gives Up the DreamNew Jersey’s Rachel Canning has returned home.
  50. stand clear of the closing doors
    Sleepy Teen Interrupted Subway ServiceBy falling asleep on the tracks.
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