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  1. remembrance
    Barbara Walters’s Superpower Was FairnessShe made subjects believe they were getting an open-minded hearing — and that made them talk.
  2. conservatism
    Why The View Is Struggling to Find a New Token ConservativeThe show wants a Republican cohost who represents the views of the GOP base and is not an illiberal conspiracist. Does such a person exist?
  3. past is prologue
    When Political Conventions Were Must-See TVConventions began evolving from news to infomercial long before this year’s virtual events — but we’ll still miss out on some fun, unexpected moments.
  4. the national interest
    Trump Bored by His Own Speech, Just Wants to Talk About TV ShowsA close read of a speech by a president almost clinically obsessed with television.
  5. here’s what tim’s been cookin’
    Apple Wants to Be Your Friend NowApple’s always been “friendly but not your friend,” but that approach feels odd for services.
  6. fair and balanced
    Fox & Friends Host Calls Trump a ‘Dictator’The anchor momentarily referred to the authoritarian-curious Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un as “the two dictators.”
  7. How Will Donald Trump Take the Cancellation of Roseanne?Two Daily Intelligencer staffers discuss Roseanne’s racist remarks, the quick cancellation of her show, and what Trump will tweet about it.
  8. select all
    Snapchat Goes All In on TV With Daily News Show From NBCThe show is called Stay Tuned and episodes will be less than four minutes long.
  9. select all
    Facebook Gets Closer to a TV-Like OfferingThe social network is getting ready to destabilize another old-media industry.
  10. the case against the media
    The Case Against the Media, by the MediaA damning self-examination, with some uplift thrown in.
  11. Why Red and Blue America Can’t Netflix and ChillOn Facebook, Hillary Clinton supporters’ favorite movie is Harry Potter, while Trump supporters prefer God’s Not Dead … or Jackass.
  12. Samsung Wants to Put More Ads on Your Smart TVJust what you wanted.
  13. YouTube and Hulu Reportedly Close to Giving You Live TVCord-cutting might get a bit easier.
  14. the circus
    Frank Rich on the National Circus: Immigration Reform Enters Its Death SpiralIf Senate Republicans don’t kill it, the crazies in the House will.
  15. cable news news
    Report: CNN Plans to Save Itself by Featuring Less News, More Reality ShowsWhat happens when the Best Political Team on Television stops being polite and starts getting real?
  16. the supremes
    Scalia Says Televising the Supreme Court Would Only Confuse UsThere are at least nine Americans who don’t want to be on TV.
  17. cable news news
    Why Is No One Watching CNN?Their ratings are the lowest they’ve been in ten years.
  18. Mike Wallace’s Journey From Rogue to Respectable60 Minutes was the Hard Copy of its day.
  19. C-SPAN CEO, Broadcaster of Congress, Steps DownBrian Lamb, the man responsible for bringing the Senate to your living room, will step down exactly 33 years after C-SPAN launched.
  20. local heroes
    Pat Kiernan’s Dreams Are Slowly Coming TrueHe’s going to co-host ‘Live! With Kelly’ for a day.
  21. morning news news
    Regis Philbin Reportedly Eyeing His Own ShowSource: “Kelly is pissed.”
  22. video
    Watch Katie Couric Awkwardly Tell David Letterman She Might Leave CBSSo is she or isn’t she?