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Term Limits

  1. 2022 midterms
    Pelosi to Run for House Again … But Not for Speaker?She pledged to step down as Democratic leader at the end of this Congress. But unless she changes her mind, she will stay around as a living legend.
  2. ballot initiatives
    Americans Will Vote on 120 Statewide Ballot Initiatives in This ElectionFrom criminal-justice reform to affirmative action to gig-worker protections, voters have a lot to consider beyond which candidates they prefer.
  3. judiciary
    Should Democrats Plan on Packing the Courts in 2021?Certainly the threat of judicial reform should stay on the table so long as conservatives use judges to thwart democracy, as they did in FDR’s day.
  4. house democrats
    Pelosi Clinches Speakership With Term-Limit AgreementShe’ll be out of leadership by 2022.
  5. The GOP House Exodus Continues: New Jersey’s Frelinghuysen RetiringFacing the toughest challenge of his career, the scion of one of America’s longest political dynasties is headed for the exit.
  6. It’s Time for Term Limits for Congressional Party Leaders — Even Nancy PelosiNancy Pelosi has done good work. But in an era where Congress is chronically unpopular, 16 years in leadership is too long.
  7. the third terminator
    Nobody Else Should Be Able to Serve Three Terms, Says Mayor BloombergNobody else will ever be as indispensable.
  8. oh albany!
    Malcolm Smith Reveals That New York Already Has Term LimitsWhoops!
  9. early and often
    GOP Senator Wants Congress to Vote Itself Out of OfficeA term-limits amendment to the Constitution?
  10. the third terminator
    Albany Might Put the Kibosh on Bloomberg’s Third-Term PlansThe legislature will vote on a bill putting the extension of term limits to a public referendum. But how would New Yorkers vote?
  11. the third terminator
    Howard Wolfson Is Not Done With Us YetHillary Clinton’s former attack flack is going to work on Bloomberg’s reelection effort.
  12. the third terminator
    Today Is Mayor Bloomberg’s Big DayThis afternoon City Council will face a vote on term limits. But there are still hurdles before we get there.
  13. City Council Meetings on Term Limits Are ScaryIn which we imagine what was going on inside the head of the girl who told off Mayor Bloomberg.
  14. the third terminator
    Bloomberg Still Working on Ronald Lauder’s All-Important ApprovalHey, remember when the people of New York gave billionaire makeup heir Ronald Lauder the power to temporarily alter laws at his whim?
  15. early and often
    Howard Rubenstein’s Fingerprints All Over Bloomberg Third-Term PushA bunch of boldface names came out in support of abolishing term limits today, but earlier in the week, the loudest voices on the subject were all clients of the PR legend.
  16. it just happened
    Bloomberg to Announce Run for Third TermThe ‘Times’ reports that Hizzoner will make the call on Thursday morning. Could this week get any crazier??