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Terrible Things

  1. terrible things
    Video Captures Moment Train Derails in Spain, Killing at Least 78 People“We’re only human!” the driver wailed. “We’re only human!” 
  2. new york’s finest
    NYPD Officer Charged With Attempting to Rape a 16-Year-Old After plying her with alcohol.
  3. terrible things
    Goldman Sachs Janitor Suing Former EmployerAnd he’s suing.
  4. stand clear of the closing doors
    Gay Couple on Subway Was Pummeled by Five Women, One ManA less inspiring story of homophobia on the subway.
  5. terrible things
    Another Woman Was Gang-Raped in IndiaSix men have already been arrested.
  6. terrible things
    D.J.’s Who Pranked Nurse ‘Shattered’ Over DeathSome people have come to their defense. 
  7. terrible things
    Harlem Suitcase Murderer Gets Twenty-Year SentenceHe apologized to the woman’s family in court.
  8. terrible things
    Belvedere Vodka Thinks Rape-y Jokes Might Be a Good Way to Sell VodkaYeesh.
  9. U.S. Officials Punished Over Lost Body PartsAn internal report said the mistakes were a “mission failure.”
  10. disgusting things
    Dad of Hudson River Murder-Suicide Victims Sues City for $80 MillionThis is gross.
  11. terrible things
    Obama Honors Victims of Helicopter CrashThe president traveled to Dover to praise the 30 Americans killed.
  12. terrible things
    38 Killed in Helicopter Crash in AfghanistanCrash is the deadliest single incident for American forces since the war began.
  13. terrible things
    Cholera Outbreak in Haiti Started With the U.N. PeacekeepersIt’s a “perfect match” for a strain from Nepal.
  14. terrible things
    Funeral for Children Drowned in Hudson Murder-Suicide Turns Into a Feud“You’re supposed to take care of people when they’re alive!”
  15. terrible things
    The More You Read About the Hudson River Mom Murder-Suicide Story, the Worse It GetsAnd you thought it couldn’t get any worse.
  16. terrible things
    10-Year-Old Boy Escaped Mom’s Murder-Suicide in the Hudson River“If I’m going to die, you’re going to die with me.”
  17. terrible things
    The L Train Killed a Man in Brooklyn YesterdayAt the Halsey Street stop in Bushwick.
  18. murder
    Police Arrest Man for Murder of Woman Found in SuitcaseMalik Hassan reportedly confessed.
  19. terrible things
    Man Displays Remarkable Calm While Dropping Off Suitcase With a Body Inside“He’s got a body in his suitcase and he’s just standing there like nothing’s going on.”
  20. terrible things
    Dead Woman Found in a Suitcase on 114th StreetSpotted: a leg sticking out of a suitcase.
  21. terrible things
    Violence Spree Continues in the Happiest Town on EarthA violent standoff between police and a resident of Celebration, Florida, ends in death.
  22. terrible things
    Somebody Got Murdered in the Happiest Town on EarthDisney’s Celebration, Florida, has its first violent crime.
  23. terrible things
    Connecticut Murderer Steven Hayes Officially Handed Death SentenceAnd that’s that.
  24. miners
    All 29 Trapped New Zealand Miners Reported Dead“This is the west coast’s darkest hour.”
  25. mine under matter
    Another Mine Explodes, 27 Workers MissingOh God, is it happening all over again?
  26. terrible things
    Scammers Rob $42 Million Meant for Holocaust SurvivorsSeventeen conspirators have been charged.
  27. terrible things
    Connecticut Home Invasion Murderer Gets Death SentenceSteven Hayes will die for his crimes.
  28. terrible things
    These Prison Diaries May Be Used Against You in a Court of LawJoshua Komisarjevsky’s prison diaries were used as evidence in the Connecticut triple-murder trial.
  29. terrible things
    Tenth Suspect Arraigned in Bronx Beating CaseBecause why stop at nine?
  30. terrible things
    Ninth Suspect Arrested in Bronx Gay BashPlus, the headquarters of the Latin King Goonies has been found.
  31. terrible things
    Eight Arrested for Anti-Gay Hate Crimes in the BronxThe string of attacks was allegedly set off when members of the gang learned that an aspiring member is gay.
  32. terrible things
    Jury Reaches Verdict in Connecticut Triple Murder CaseStephen J. Hayes will be eligible for the death penalty.
  33. world news
    Pakistani Floods Claim More LivesThe U.N. has appealed for $460 million in aid for shelter, food, and emergency care.
  34. please remain calm
    MTA Approves Fare HikesUgh.