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  1. terroble
    American Man Denies Plan to Bomb Jerusalem SitesC’mon, guys. 
  2. terroble
    Probably Fake ISIS Propaganda Is Everything Rick Perry Warned Us About“We are here from Mexico and came by train,” it reads.
  3. terroble
    FBI Responds to Stinky, Probably Harmless Package at JFK Airport [Updated]It tested positive for weapons-grade chemicals, but those tests are often wrong.
  4. terroble
    Foiled Subway Bomber Going Away for LifeAdis Medunjanin was sentenced today for the 2009 plot.
  5. terroble
    Two Planes Land at JFK After Hijacking ThreatWorst prank ever.
  6. terroble
    Why Guantánamo Bay Prisoners Love The Fresh Prince of Bel-AirOur theory. 
  7. terroble
    Soldier Who Plotted Fort Hood Bombing Found Guilty on Multiple ChargesHe faces up to life in prison.
  8. the worst form of travel
    If You Thought TSA Pat-Downs Were Intimate Enough Already…Terrorist groups want to surgically implant explosive devices on passengers’ bodies.
  9. terrorble
    Pentagon Hosted Future Terrorist Imam for LunchWhoops …