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  1. 9 11
    Three Al Qaeda Suspects Sought in ‘Credible But Unconfirmed’ 9/11 Terror ThreatDon’t panic.
  2. terrorble
    Nine NYPD Officers Subpoenaed for Leaking Terror Plot DetailsDid the NYPD screw up the Najibullah Zazi bust for the FBI?
  3. terror plots
    JFK Bomb-Plot Leader Gets Life in PrisonThe fourth defendant, Kareem Ibrahim, 65, will be tried in April.
  4. terror plots
    New York City’s New Terror-Detection System Will Not Be FooledGillibrand promises a “minimization of false positives.”
  5. terror plots
    Two Men On Chicago-To-Amsterdam Flight Arrested For ‘Preparing’ Terror AttackOne of them made it through airport security with a box cutter, knives and $7,000 in cash.
  6. terror plots
    Two Guyanese Men Found Guilty in JFK Bomb PlotDuo were arrested in 2007.
  7. terror plots
    Imam Involved With Subway-Terrorism Plot Leaves CountryAfter pleading guilty, he’s deported to Saudi Arabia.
  8. al qaeda
    So Did Al Qaeda Really Put Out a Shoddy PDF Magazine With Bad Clip Art?Apparently, that is beneath them.
  9. terror plots
    Top Al Qaeda Operative Was Involved in Last Year’s NYC Subway PlotFeds say he met with one of the would-be suicide bombers.
  10. terror plots
    Five Americans Convicted on Terror Charges in PakistanThe group was accused of planning attacks abroad.
  11. terror plots
    Police Warned About Terror Plot Involving ‘Fuel-Filled Tanker’Port Authority cops have been alerted.
  12. jersey jihadists
    Would-be New Jersey Terrorist’s Mom: Son Is ‘a Stupid Kid’“He slept late.”
  13. terror plots
    American Citizen Sentenced to Fifteen Years for Aiding Al QaedaSyed “Fahad” Hashmi was sentenced to fifteen years in jail yesterday.
  14. ugly mugs
    Police Reveal Photos of New Jersey’s Would-be Terrorist DuoThis is certainly a dashing pair.
  15. assholes of terror
    Would-be New Jersey Terrorists Listened to Tapes of Anwar Al-AwlakiYet another set of absurd incompetents inspired to terror by that jerk.
  16. terror plots
    Pakistani Taliban ‘Plotting’ Against U.S. Targets, Officials SayConcerns based on “multiple streams of information.”
  17. terror plots
    American Citizen Pleads Guilty to Sending Money to Al QaedaMorroccan-born naturalized American citizen Khalid Ouazzani sent $23,000 to Al Qaeda in 2007 and 2008, and swore an oath of allegiance to the terrorist group.
  18. terror plots
    Iraq Claims to Have Uncovered Al Qaeda Plot Targeting World CupSaudi officer detained for plotting a “terrorist act.”
  19. Eric Holder Says Pakistani Taliban ‘Was Behind’ Attempted Times Square AttackIt may have also given money to Faisal Shazad.
  20. Faisal Shahzad Radicalized by War on TerrorHe really hates predator drones.
  21. times square bomb scare
    Shahzad Says He Was ‘Inspired’ by Militant ClericAnwar al-Awlaki was added to CIA’s hit list earlier this year.
  22. times square bomb scare
    Giuliani: Bomb Attempt ‘Brings Back Memories’ of 9/11He also doesn’t understand why so much information from Shahzad’s confession has been released.
  23. times square bomb scare
    Two ‘Lapses’ in Security Resulted in Shahzad Boarding Plane’Times’ points to FBI and airline slip-ups.
  24. times square bomb scare
    Shahzad Received Training in Bomb-Making in PakistanThe suspect’s court date was indefinitely postponed today.
  25. times square bomb scare
    Two Arrested in Pakistan in Conjunction with Times Square Bombing AttemptPolice do not believe Faisal Shahzad’s claim that he was working alone.
  26. times square bomb scare
    Would-be Times Square Bomber Says He Acted AloneBut authorities are looking for more suspects.
  27. times square bomb scare
    U.S. Citizen From Pakistan Arrested in Connection With Bomb Attempt (Updated)Faisal Shahzad arrested at New York City airport in apparent attempt to flee country.
  28. bombs
    Police Release Video of ‘Person of Interest’ Near Times Square Bomb SceneThey’ve also tracked down the owner of the Nissan Pathfinder in which the explosive materials were left.
  29. whoops
    Despite Warning From FBI, Port Authority Reportedly Let Zazi Through Checkpoint’Journal’ says Port Authority was tipped off, but still waved would-be subway bomber across bridge.
  30. air travel
    Man Put on No-Fly List in Mid-FlightThat was awkward.
  31. terror plots
    Zazi Co-Conspirator to Plead GuiltyZarein Ahmedzay had previously plead not guilty.
  32. terror plots
    ‘Honest to God, It Was Never My Intention to Help Those Idiots for What They Do in the Name of Islam’That’s what Ahmad Wais Afzali, who was convicted of lying to police and informing would-be terrorist Najibullah Zazi that he was being monitored, had to say about his role in the foiled Queens terror plot.
  33. terror plots
    Zazi and Other Terrorists Planned to Target Times Square, Grand Central Subway StationsThe goal was to detonate two suicide bombs during rush hour.
  34. militias
    Are the Members of the Michigan Militia Terrorists?Why aren’t we calling them what they seem so obviously to be?
  35. terror plots
    Zazi’s Classmates Likely To Face New Charges in Terror PlotThe two men will appear in court Thursday.
  36. terror plots
    As Anticipated, Zazi Pleads Guilty To Terrorism ChargesFormer Queens resident characterizes plot as “martyrdom operation.”
  37. terror plots
    Would-Be Terrorist Najibullah Zazi to Plead GuiltyAfter providing key information to the feds, of course.
  38. terror trials
    Convicted Lady Al Qaeda: Chillingly Calm and Collected, When She Wants to BeThroughout her trial, Aafia Siddiqui seemed out of control and even crazy — until she took the stand.
  39. terror plots
    By the Way, Al Qaeda Is ‘Certainly’ Going to Try to Attack Us in the Next Six MonthsWhat level of sophistication will be involved, however, is unclear.
  40. terror plots
    Najibullah Zazi Uncle ArrestedNaqib Jaji was secretly taken into custody this month.
  41. terror plots
    United States Joint Special Ops Command Guiding Strikes in YemenThe secretive military group has helped local forces eliminate six out of fifteen local Al Qaeda leaders.
  42. terrorism
    50 Prisoners to Remain at GuantánamoForty more will be tried, and the remaining 110 will be sent home or to foreign countries.
  43. the gods must be crazy
    Tefillin Confused for Bomb Device on La Guardia FlightWhat is Dov Hikind going to say about this?
  44. terror plots
    Najibullah’s Queens Ally Sought ‘To Kill U.S. Service Members in Afghanistan’Adis Medunjanin has been charged alongside his former high-school friend.
  45. terror plots
    Yemeni Military ‘Almost Certain’ It Killed Al Qaeda Leader in AttackThe death of Qassim al-Raymi would be a serious blow to the cell.
  46. terror plots
    Do Not Let This Child Get on Your PlaneHe’s on a list!
  47. international intrigue
    The Terror StimulusHow U.S. involvement in Yemen is affecting the wobbling government of President Saleh.
  48. terror plots
    Alleged Accomplices to Najibullah Zazi Arrested in QueensTwo men were apprehended, even though one tried to make an escape.
  49. early and often
    Obama on Recent Terror Plots: ‘We Are at War’Hear that, Dick Cheney?
  50. terror plots
    Border Security Planned to Question Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab … After He LandedOhhh. Almost!
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