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Terror Plots

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    Yemeni Forces Kill Two Al Qaeda Militants, More Sana Embassies Shut DownThis is the third skirmish in less than a month between Yemeni security forces and Al Qaeda.
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    Obama Administration Steps Up Weekend Response to Terror ThreatsAfter a would-be terrorist with explosive materials boarded a plane from Amsterdam to Detroit on Christmas Day, Obama calls for an international security crackdown.
  3. Here Are Some Reasons to Maybe Not Go to Times Square Tonight“Hundreds of city police officers will have devices affixed to their belts that can detect radiation or the crude makings of a dirty bomb.”
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    Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab: The Blame Game BeginsWho was responsible for allowing a man on our terror watch list to board a plane with a bomb on Christmas Day? Washington is closing in on some scapegoats.
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    Point-Counterpoint: Full-Body Scans at Airport SecurityEverybody else has weighed in, so why can’t we?
  6. early and often
    Are the Democrats Going to Rally Around Obama’s Response to Latest Thwarted Terrorist Attack?Or are they going to just let the Republicans dump all over him for a couple of weeks?
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    The CIA Failed to Connect Dots About the Underpants-BomberWell, this isn’t good.
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    Want to Read the Inner Thoughts of Underpants-Bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab?What appear to be online forum posts from the thwarted Christmas Day bomber have turned up.
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    Let’s Talk About the Terrorist Underpants, Shall We?Seriously, look at those things.
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    Maybe Curing Terrorists With ‘Art Therapy’ Isn’t Such a Good IdeaWho would have thunk it?
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    Saudi Al Qaeda Wing Claims Responsibility for Thwarted Christmas AttackEven though it appeared at first that Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab acted alone, a terror group says they supplied him with materials.
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    Averted Northwest Airlines Bomb Was Powerful, But Very Hard to IgniteThank goodness?
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    It Actually Wasn’t Months of Careful Investigation That Led to Terror Charges Against ZaziIt was pretty much a last-minute scramble.
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    ‘The Conspiracy Is International in Scope’There’s so much evidence in the case against Najibullah Zazi that it requires its own secret, secure room.
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    Najibullah Zazi Had ‘At Least’ Three AccomplicesThe Queens “doughnut man” may have been part of a ring.
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    Suspected Terrorist Was ‘the Doughnut Man’The ‘Times’ tries to understand Najibullah Zazi.
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    Najibullah Zazi Charged With Conspiracy to Use Weapons of Mass DestructionThe terror suspect was indicted today in New York.
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    Stadiums, Hotels, and Entertainment Centers Latest Facilities to Receive Federal WarningThe fax machines at the Department of Homeland Security are just abuzz today.
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    Mass-Transit Systems Put on Alert NationwideSo far, they’re just “precautionary.”
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    Double-Crossing Queens Imam Weak Link in Terror PlotAhmad Wais Afzali was a double agent for the FBI, but also allegedly a double-crosser.
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    Three Arrested In NYC Terror PlotNajibullah Zazi is in custody.
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    Report: Zazi Admitted Al Qaeda TiesThe man who led to the raid of several homes in Queens earlier this week may be negotiating a plea.
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    Report: Bomb-Making Guide Found on Colorado Terror Suspect’s ComputerNajibullah Zazi is acting strangely calm about all this.