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Terror Trials

  1. paladinosaur
    BREAKING: Carl Paladino Captured on Video Being UndiplomaticWhat he’d say to the attorney general if he was governor.
  2. terror trials
    Bin Laden’s Former Cook, Bodyguard Admits to CrimesHe’ll face August 9 hearing at Guantánamo Bay.
  3. terror trials
    Holder: 9/11 Terror Trials Could Still Be Held in New YorkNew York City venue is “not off the table,” attorney general says.
  4. the jerk store
    Osama bin Laden Unimpressed by Efforts to Give Al Qaeda Terrorists Civilian TrialsGod, nothing makes that guy happy.
  5. terror trials
    White House Nearing Compromise on Detainee TrialsEric Holder is being left out of this one.
  6. terror trials
    Former Bush Advisers: For Terror Trial Options, Two Is Better Than OneBush administration officials urge to keep criminal justice option around.
  7. terror trials
    Convicted Lady Al Qaeda: Chillingly Calm and Collected, When She Wants to BeThroughout her trial, Aafia Siddiqui seemed out of control and even crazy — until she took the stand.
  8. terror trials
    Robert Gibbs: KSM Will ‘Meet His Maker’The White House Press Secretary says KSM and his cohorts are “likely to be executed.”
  9. terror trials
    Plan for 9/11 Trial in NYC ScrappedTrial moved after mounting opposition.
  10. terror trials
    Justice Department Looking For New Terror Trials LocationThe White House has ordered Attorney General Eric Holder to consider holding the trials outside of New York.
  11. terror trials
    Peter King Introduces Bill to Block Terror Trials in New YorkHis measure would block the usage of Justice Department funds for civilian trials for Guantánamo detainees.
  12. terror trials
    Bloomberg Now Thinks Trying Terrorists in Manhattan May Not Be That Great of an Idea After All“It would be great if the federal government could find a site that didn’t cost a billion dollars.”
  13. 9 11 trials
    Security for Terror Trials Will Cost the City $200 MillionBloomberg wants the federal government to foot the bill.
  14. Gitmo Detainee to Hang Around NYC for More Than a YearHear that, Midwest? Are we complaining?
  15. First Guantánamo Detainee to Be Tried in New York, Pleads Not GuiltyAhmed Khalfan Ghailani could face the death penalty over his work with Al Qaeda.