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  1. terrorble
    ISIS May Be Using Chemical WeaponsFile under horrible, but not surprising.
  2. terrorble
    ISIS Posts Hit List Targeting 100 U.S. Service MembersU.S. officials say the information was probably pulled from news reports and social media.
  3. terrorble
    Boko Haram’s Mass Kidnappings Are SpreadingThe Nigerian extremist group has reportedly abducted 80 people in Cameroon.
  4. terrorble
    Charlie Hebdo Gunman Buried in Northeast France Very quietly.
  5. terrorble
    France Arrests Dozens of People for Hate Speech and ‘Glorifying’ TerrorismIncluding a comedian. 
  6. terrorble
    NYC Increases Security After Paris Attack, But Don’t Be Alarmed “We will always err on the side of caution.” 
  7. terrorble
    Fox News Host: ‘America Is Awesome,’ So Let’s Stop Talking About TortureObama just wants to distract us from real problems, like the IRS scandal and Benghazi.
  8. terrorble
    New Song Mocks Israelis Over Vehicular Attacks“Yes, you Zionist, not someone else.”
  9. terrorble
    Pakistan Releases Suspect in Murder of U.S. Journalist Daniel PearlThere apparently weren’t enough grounds for detaining him.
  10. Fake ISIS Member in Tennessee Thinks the Group Is Called ISSIHe really wanted to get arrested.
  11. terrorble
    New GOP Ad Suggests ISIS Is Crossing Arizona Border Into the U.S.And the Democrats aren’t doing anything about it.
  12. terrorble
    Iraq Claims ISIS Is Planning Subway Attacks in NYC and Paris U.S. officials don’t seem too worried.
  13. crimes and misdemeanors
    Osama bin Laden’s Son-in-Law Will Spend the Rest of His Life in PrisonFor conspiring to kill Americans.
  14. terrorism
    Khorasan Group Explainer: What We Know So FarThe Osama bin Laden-affiliated terrorist group intent on striking the U.S.
  15. terrorble
    Captured British Journalist Forced to Host ISIS Propaganda VideosIt’s called “Lend Me Your Ears.”
  16. islamic state watch
    Australian Police Say They’ve Foiled an ISIS-Linked Beheading PlotYikes.
  17. terrorble
    All the Americans Who Have Tried (and Failed) to Join ISIS So Far The latest is a 30-year-old with a Twitter account in Rochester.
  18. terrorble
    Teen Who Hoped to Join ISIS Pleads Guilty to Terrorism ChargesThat’s five years and a hefty fine.
  19. terrorble
    ISIS Has Al Qaeda Feeling Pretty Left OutYesterday’s terror group announces an expansion.
  20. terrorble
    Terrorist Taking Over Iraq Shows Off Sick WatchA statement piece for his first public appearance.
  21. terrorble
    Teen Arrested for Trying to Join ISIS for LoveThe heart wants what it wants.
  22. terrorble
    Benghazi Suspect ‘Supervised’ Attack Due to ‘Extremist Ideology,’ Feds SayIt’s safe to say Ahmed Abu Khattala won’t be released on bail.
  23. terrorble
    Benghazi Suspect Pleads Not Guilty in D.C. CourtAhmed Abu Khattala was captured a couple weeks ago. 
  24. benghazi
    Strawberry-Frappe-Sipping Benghazi Suspect Captured in Secret RaidHillary Clinton still at large.
  25. Pakistani Taliban Claim Responsibility for Deadly Attack on Karachi AirportAt least 28 people were killed.
  26. terrorble
    Flight Delayed at JFK Over Twitter Bomb ThreatNo explosives were found.
  27. the internet
    Dutch Teen Arrested for American Airlines TweetsThe 14-year-old troll really is a teenage girl.
  28. terrorble
    People Are Now Just Sneaking Into the World Trade Center AccidentallyTwo more minor security breaches.
  29. crimes and misdemeanors
    Bin Laden Son-in-Law Guilty in Terror TrialSulaiman Abu Ghaith faces life in prison.
  30. terrorble
    Bin Laden Was an Optimist, Son-in-Law TestifiesSulaiman Abu Ghaith describes his post-9/11 remote cave discussions.
  31. terrorble
    California Student Allegedly Planned to Join Al Qaeda, Target L.A. SubwayHe was caught near the Canadian border, en route to Syria.
  32. terrorble
    9/11 Mastermind Vouches for Osama Bin Laden’s Son-in-LawUnsurprisingly.
  33. flight 370
    Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Was ‘Deliberately’ Taken Off CourseThe search for the plane is now also a criminal investigation.
  34. terrorble
    Foiled Hijacker Demanded Plane Head to SochiPilots landed in Turkey instead.
  35. benghazi
    New York Times Deals Another Blow to Benghazi TruthersThe Innocence of Muslims was a factor in the attack; Al Qaeda wasn’t.
  36. terrorble
    Man Thought He Was Going to Blow Up Kansas Airport TodayUnfortunately for him, his accomplices were in the FBI. 
  37. crimes and misdemeanors
    Ricin-Sending Texas Zombie Woman Gets Plea DealShe’s not to be confused with the crazy tae kwon do instructor.
  38. terrorble
    U.S. May Have Let Dozens of Terrorists Move HereWell this doesn’t seem good at all. 
  39. international news
    Kenyan Officials: Mall Hostages Freed, Americans Among Attackers [Updated]Though shots and explosions continued on Tuesday morning.
  40. kenya
    Nairobi Mall Fight Rages on at Westgate and on TwitterDozens are dead and at least 175 injured.
  41. terrorble
    Nairobi Mall Attack Continues Into Second Day [Updated]The death toll has reached 59.
  42. terrorble
    NYT War Photographer Went Inside Nairobi MallTyler Hicks’s photos from inside the Westgate Mall are incredible.
  43. terrorble
    Dozens of People Killed in Nairobi Mall Shooting [Updated]Somali militant group al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for the bloodshed.
  44. crimes and misdemeanors
    U.S. Government Can Seize Iran’s Secret Fifth Avenue Building It could be worth $760 million.
  45. terrorble
    Kerry Says Assad Used Sarin Gas in Syrian Chemical AttackHe also said he believed “Congress will do what is right.”
  46. terrorble
    NYPD Just Calls Mosques Terrorist Organizations to Make Things EasierThe designation, even without charges, helps with surveillance.
  47. terrorble
    Failed Federal Reserve Bomber Glad the FBI Fooled HimHe was sentenced to 30 years, the minimum, after apologizing.
  48. terrorble
    Attempted Federal Reserve Bomber Kind of Likes LockupHe’ll be seeing more of it.
  49. terrorble
    Now You Really Shouldn’t Go to YemenThe U.S. and the U.K. are advising all citizens to leave Yemen. 
  50. terrorble
    Today in Ugh: Al Qaeda Has Developed an ‘Undetectable’ ExplosiveThis is part of the reason everyone is freaking out right now. 
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