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  1. nikki haley
    Nikki Haley Calls Democrats Terrorist-LoversAny impression you may have had of Haley as representing an alternative to Trumpism is officially null and void.
  2. international affairs
    New York Man Gets Record Sentence for Aiding ISISMufid Elfgeeh was sentenced to 22 1/2 years in prison.
  3. Spanish Authorities Seized 22,000 ISIS and Al-Nusra UniformsNow what are they going to wear?
  4. international affairs
    More Proof That Al-Qaeda Is Super Corporate They’re obsessed with receipts.
  5. international news
    Navy SEALs Raided a Somali Compound This MorningBut what exactly they accomplished is yet unclear.
  6. ballsy lawsuits
    Brooklynite Turned Al Qaeda Supporter Sues U.S. Over Deep Vein ThrombosisHe was charged with betraying the U.S. as a homegrown terrorist.
  7. real estate
    Port Authority and Larry Silverstein Make Nice, for NowHow long until construction at ground zero begins?
  8. La Guardia Fake Bomber Scott McGann Could Be Your BoyfriendThe line between scruffy artist boyfriends and fake terrorists is thinner than we’d realized.
  9. unnecessary debates
    Should We Turn Governors Island Into the New Guantánamo?What’s not to like?
  10. early and often
    Obama: Bin Laden ‘Seems Nervous’In his first formal interview as president, Obama told an Arab television station that his best weapon against terrorists was an openness to the Muslim world.