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Texas Abortion Law

  1. s.b. 8
    Federal Judge Temporarily Blocks Enforcement of Texas Abortion BanIts “vigilante” mechanism is now on pause, though Texas’s Republican AG is expected to appeal the ruling with the sympathetic 5th Circuit court.
  2. politics
    Two Disbarred Out-of-State Attorneys Might Blow Up the Texas Abortion LawTaking advantage of Texas’s encouragement of private law suits with bonus money, the random challengers may have just triggered legal review of SB 8.
  3. politics
    The Right-Wing Divisions Over Texas’s Abortion LawNot everyone who advocates for strict abortion laws is thrilled. But eventually, everyone in the movement might get what they want.
  4. abortion
    How Far Will the Anti-Abortion Movement Go?If the Supreme Court reverses Roe, forget states’ rights and get ready for national or constitutional abortion bans.
  5. texas abortion law
    The Texas Whistleblower Abortion Site Is Having ProblemsNobody wants to host it, for obvious reasons.
  6. the national interest
    Texas Abortion Law Turns ‘Principled’ Conservative Legalism Into a JokeRemember National Review’s freakout over Biden’s eviction moratorium?
  7. abortion
    The Anti-Abortion Movement’s Investment in the Republican Party Is Paying OffDonald Trump was the first president to keep his promises to them, and now the big moment of rolling back abortion rights may be near.