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Texas Democrats

  1. voting rights
    Texas Republicans Pass Long-Delayed Voter-Suppression BillDemocrats fled the legislature and even the state to thwart a Republican bill aimed at minority voters, but couldn’t stop it forever.
  2. texas voting law
    Texas Republicans Outlast 15-Hour Filibuster to Advance Voting-Restriction BillTexas Democrats took another dramatic, if futile, step against a voter-suppression bill in the Republican-controlled state.
  3. voting rights
    Texas Republicans Issue Arrest Warrants for Dems Who FledThis is probably not going to end well for the Democrats, legislatively speaking.
  4. politics
    State Democrats Should Go Anywhere But D.C. for Voting-Rights LobbyingDemocratic state lawmakers are just reinforcing Republican talking points by running to Washington. How about pressing Sinema on her home turf?
  5. vision 2020
    Texas Republicans Holding in-Person Convention in a Coronavirus Hot SpotIf things go wrong in Houston, it could be an omen for the packed hall Trump is insisting on for his convention in Jacksonville.
  6. vision 2020
    Texas Democrats Hold Wave-of-the-Future Virtual ConventionAs the national parties rethink convention plans due to COVID, Texas Democrats aim to show a virtual event can be not only safer but more effective.