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Texas School Shooting

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    Uvalde Schools Just Suspended All Their Cowardly CopsThe bold move from the school district comes soon after their police hired an officer under state investigation for failing to respond in May.
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    New Timeline Shows Uvalde Police Could Have Stopped Massacre in MinutesOfficials say police had the firepower and tools to get into an unlocked classroom door, and chose not to.
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    Uvalde Police Officers Had Chance to Shoot School GunmanTwo officers arrived while the gunman was still outside the school, but reportedly held their fire out of fear they might hit schoolchildren.
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    Uvalde Police Try to Prevent the Release of ‘Embarrassing’ RecordsLawyers argue against public disclosure of materials such as body-camera footage after authorities were accused of responding too slowly.
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    10 GOP Senators Endorse Bipartisan Framework for New Gun-Safety ReformsThe measures are modest but would still represent the most meaningful reforms in decades — and it looks like they might really happen.
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    11-Year-Old Uvalde Survivor Tells Congress, ‘I Don’t Want It to Happen Again’A U.S. House panel on gun violence heard heart-wrenching testimony from fourth-grader Miah Cerrillo and others affected by the Texas school shooting.
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    Watch: Matthew McConaughey Delivers Searing White House Speech on GunsAs his wife held the shoes that belonged to a little girl murdered in Uvalde, he made a passionate case for Congress to act.
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    What the Senate Gun Bill Could Actually DoExperts weigh in on whether watered-down reforms would make much of a dent in the gun-violence epidemic.
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    Dianne Feinstein, the InstitutionalistShe fought for gun control, civil rights, and abortion access for half a century. Where did it all go wrong?
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    The Christians Who Make Little Martyrs Out of Uvalde’s VictimsA nihilistic religion worships the gun.
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    The Ruthless Rise of Daniel Defense, Maker of the Uvalde AR15The gun manufacturer established itself by allegedly undercutting a business partner and preying on American paranoia.
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    The Authorities in Uvalde Are Turning on One AnotherLocal police who delayed entering the classroom are reportedly no longer cooperating with the state, while more details of the attack change.
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    The Justice Department Is Reviewing the Police Response to Uvalde ShootingThe local police chief in charge delayed confronting the gunman — while kids trapped inside the classroom repeatedly called 911 asking for help.
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    Are School Lockdown Drills Doing More Harm Than Good?Jaclyn Schildkraut, a champion of the often-criticized exercises, makes the case for their usefulness.
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    The Mass Shooter’s Other ToolLegal to buy online in 49 states, body armor is becoming more common in mass shootings — and making them more lethal.
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    Will the ‘School-Shooting Generation’ Change Politics?Congress failed to act after Sandy Hook, and it feels just as paralyzed on gun violence today. But there are reasons for renewed hope.
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    For Trump and Other NRA Speakers, the Answer to Uvalde Was More GunsThe horror of Tuesday’s school shooting in Texas left an impression at the NRA’s annual conference, but it didn’t make a difference.
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    A Different Way to Prevent Mass ShootingsTalking with Mark Follman, whose new book explores how behavioral threat assessment could help a country paralyzed by gun violence.
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    There Is a Future for Gun ControlThe NRA won after Sandy Hook, but today the gun lobby is in disarray and gun safety is slowly making gains in states.
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    The Conservative Playbook for Deflecting Anger After Mass ShootingsIgnoring the obvious connection between gun deaths and lax gun laws in three easy steps.
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    Beto O’Rourke Confronts Greg Abbott Over Shooting: ‘This Is on You!’The Democratic candidate for governor interrupted a press conference about the elementary-school shooting before he was pulled away by security.
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    Why We Keep Letting This HappenA non-exhaustive list includes the filibuster, radical red states, the archconservative Supreme Court, and a toxic national tradition.