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  1. the money game
    You’re Probably Going to Get Ripped Off When You Buy a Turkey This ThanksgivingTurkey producers are going to make bank this year by charging you just a little bit less.
  2. tremendous content
    Please Don’t Ruin Thanksgiving With These White House ‘Talking Points’I voted for Joe Biden because he tacitly promised I wouldn’t have to read any more guides to arguing with my Trumpy relatives.
  3. thanksgiving
    I’m Thankful for the End of Guides to Arguing With Trumpy RelativesSince 2016, I’ve been subjected to pieces that insisted the battle for the soul of America was being waged at my Thanksgiving table. Good riddance.
  4. unhappy holidays
    Why Does It Take Hours to Get a COVID Test in New York?The hottest item in town may be a cotton swab that goes up the nose.
  5. early and often
    Trump Spent His Holiday Weekend Bolstering His Loser RoutineA roundup of Trump’s latest preposterous election claims and flailing attempts to convince America that he’s definitely not a loser.
  6. hunger
    America’s Hunger Crisis Won’t Take a Break for ThanksgivingNew data from the Brookings Institution shows persistent levels of food insecurity, just in time for the holidays.
  7. covid-19
    CDC Advises Against Thanksgiving TravelWith more than 160,000 new COVID-19 cases being reported daily, the agency now recommends that Americans cancel their holiday travel plans.
  8. impeachment
    There’s Nothing to Argue AboutThis week’s impeachment hearings felt like a party where guests talked solely in a who’s-a-good-boy voice to make sure the dog didn’t feel left out.
  9. field notes
    A Restaurant Critic Crashes the White House Turkey PardonThis increasingly tired, loony ritual is the perfect window into the madcap, farcical spirit of the Trump White House.
  10. donald trump
    Trump: This Year I’m Thankful for MyselfOn Thanksgiving, Trump criticized the courts, trade, and migrants, but praised himself.
  11. thanksgiving
    Here Is a Good Thanksgiving PrankSo wait, the turkey goes in the microwave for how long????
  12. politics
    Trump Hasn’t Visited the Troops in a War Zone Because ‘He’s Afraid’“He’s afraid of those situations. He’s afraid people want to kill him,” a White House official told the Washington Post.
  13. select all
    How to Have a High-tech ThanksgivingFrom sous vide to smart scales, our comprehensive guide will help you bring your Turkey Day traditions into the 21st century.
  14. Obama Tells Americans to Chill Out and Enjoy Thanksgiving Intelligence suggests that the only specific and credible threat facing the homeland is overeating.
  15. loud noises
    De Blasio and Cuomo Are ​Super Thankful for Each Other This YearThe elected officials know that Thanksgiving is best celebrated by yelling about people you say you care about. 
  16. wack friday
    Retailers Are Winning the War on ThanksgivingThough holiday weekend sales were down.
  17. meat is murder
    Morrissey Is Not Excited for Thanksgiving“Please ignore the abysmal example set by President Obama.”
  18. This Weather Is Already a Thanksgiving BuzzkillCommutes snarled, Macy’s balloons likely grounded.
  19. How to Spend Thanksgiving Utterly AloneLots of flights are going to be canceled tomorrow. 
  20. early and awesome
    Obama Slipped a Nate Silver Joke and a Romney Jab Into His Turkey PardonObama says he has “one more gift to give.”
  21. hurricane sandy
    Hurricane Sandy Victims and Volunteers Making Do for ThanksgivingWith the help of aid groups, family, and good attitudes.
  22. early and awkward
    PETA Implores Obama to Not Pardon Turkeys Because It’s Opposite DayWeird.
  23. photo op
    Obama Saved Peace and Liberty TodayThe president pardoned two turkeys this morning.
  24. photo op
    All’s Well Between Obama and Basketball NowHe took the family to a Beavers game yesterday.
  25. photo op
    President Obama Spares Two Turkeys From Annual Ritualistic GenocideAnd makes a joke!
  26. thanks for nothing
    Times Readers Vie Over Who Has Most Depressing Thanksgiving Story“My Holiday horror story is that every year I am reminded that my family doesn’t want me and I don’t have any friends.”
  27. stupid crime of the day
    When Stealing a Frozen Turkey, the ‘Pregnant Belly’ Approach Is Always Better Than the ‘Popeye Leg’ Approach“He’s got a big turkey in his pants!”
  28. intel
    Things to Be Thankful For This Year: No Marauding MonkeysThis year, we’re being thankful for the things that have not happened.
  29. thanksgiving
    Craigslist Offers Plump, Organic Bird This Thanksgiving(We are using bird in the British way.)
  30. bizarre sarah palin interviews
    Sarah Palin’s PR Strategy Gets WeirderWhy Palin didn’t mind doing an interview while turkeys were being slaughtered directly behind her.
  31. intel
    Happy Thanksgiving to All, and to All a Good Night! Well, folks, that’s about it for us. On Grub Street, Josh Ozersky imparts his hard-earned Four Simple Rules for Having a Pleasant City Thanksgiving. And earlier we let David Rockwell tell you how the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade makes the city feel smaller, literally. That’s all we got, and now we have to start prepping for maximum pigs-in-a-blanket intake. Be careful out there, and we’ll catch you Monday morning. Your Last-Minute NYC Thanksgiving, and How Not to Blow It [Grub Street]
  32. intel
    David Rockwell Loves a Parade The New York architect David Rockwell, known for his designs of restaurants (like Nobu), hotels (including several Ws), and, lately, Broadway musicals (his first was Hairspray, with those brilliant moving, dancing posters), has published a coffee-table book called Spectacle. It includes photos, interviews, and information on many of the world’s great spectator events — including, naturally, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. He spoke to Daily Intel yesterday. What makes the parade so interesting to you? I’ve always been interested in larger-than-life events, and larger-than-life communal events. At the parade, there’s a breaking down of the boundary between viewer and participant. The viewer is as much a part of the parade as the people in it. In your field of vision, you’re seeing other people across the street, and you’re seeing their reactions — were they surprised? These giant balloons transform our view of the city. They make the city seem smaller, literally, by inhabiting the space up in the air. And it’s just an amazing time where New Yorkers get out of their temperature-controlled boxes and have this celebration that spills out into the streets.
  33. gossipmonger
    You Will Not Get to See Britney and K-Fed Have Sex. And You Are Thankful.Breaking: There is no Fed-Ex–Britney sex tape! (At least not for public consumption.) Josh Hartnett is in New Zealand, no longer with Scarlett Johansson. Barbara Bush (the young one) was robbed in Argentina. Heather Mills didn’t much enjoy her marriage to Paul McCartney. Taye Diggs and Ashlee Simpson are “just friends.” Some people are mad about former Citigroup chairman Sandy Weill’s new book. NBC has better morning-show and evening-news ratings than ABC, and don’t think the Rock Center folks let the Disney kids forget it. MSNBC correspondent David Shuster eats his blog, literally. Paris Hilton went on a charity date with the highest bidder (she also may or may not have thrown up on stage in Las Vegas). Debutante season is here! Wall Street bonus season is here! Liz Smith compares Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes to David Gest and Liza Minnelli. Cindy Adams has a breakdown of what different stars will be doing on Thanksgiving. (Matt Dillon, believe it or not, will be eating.)