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That’s Our Joe!

  1. that’s our joe!
    After ‘Shylock,’ Biden Calls Asia the ‘Orient’Proving that, yes, he is your accidentally racist grandma.
  2. that’s our joe!
    Joe Biden Accidentally Used an Anti-Jewish TermIt’s all Shakespeare’s fault.
  3. that’s our joe!
    Joe Biden Says He Doesn’t Have a Savings AccountA 2016 preview for Hillary Clinton.
  4. that’s our joe!
    Smiley Joe Biden Congratulates U.S. World Cup Team With BidenismsThe vice president brings the good vibes.
  5. that’s our joe!
    Joe Biden Turns Down Teen’s Prom Invite With Class, CorsageThe vice president will not be attending a school dance.
  6. that’s our joe!
    Joe Biden Goes to a Soul Food Diner: America in 5 PhotosLike apple pie and stuffed animals.
  7. joetorious
    Joe Biden Thinks La Guardia Airport Looks Like a ‘Third-World Country’“I’m not joking!”
  8. joetorious
    Joe Biden Sat Biden-ly in a Red Convertible TodayThe vice-president attended a preview of the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.
  9. early and awkward
    Joe Biden Wrong All the Time, Says Old ColleagueFormer Defense Secretary Robert Gates has a new memoir.
  10. that’s our joe!
    Joe Biden on Fire at Frank Lautenberg’s FuneralHe’s got jokes.
  11. joetorious
    The Top 5 Bidenisms From Today’s Senate Swearing-in CeremonyJoe Biden flirted with nonagenarians, gave relationship advice to a fifteen-year-old, and managed to make a fondling joke.
  12. that’s our joe!
    Joe Biden’s Insulting Indian Accent: Was It Actually Russian?AccentGate!