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  1. that happened
    The Time Biden (Supposedly) Told Putin He Didn’t Have a SoulIt’s possible the president slightly embellished this story.
  2. that happened
    Trump Even Managed to Be Weird With PaperThere’s more evidence that Trump routinely tore up documents and aides taped them back together. The jury’s still out on that time he ate a memo.
  3. that happened
    The Time Clinton Took Over Obama’s White House Podium and Stayed AwhileAs Bill Clinton tries to revive Joe Biden’s stalled agenda, the president should remember his predecessor can be an excellent — if overeager — asset.
  4. that happened
    Clay Aiken Predicted Trump’s 2016 WinAiken, who’s running for Congress again, once called himself a “dumbass” for defending Trump. But he was clear-eyed about the candidate’s appeal.
  5. that happened
    The Time Trump Held a White House Cabinet Casting CallDuring Trump’s wild search for staff five years ago, the right look was key, loyalty was optional, and there were wild cards (Ari Emanuel?) galore.
  6. that happened
    The Time Trump Plopped a Hershey’s Bar on a Minion’s HeadThe 45th president found this hilarious. The Minion, less so.
  7. that happened
    Let’s Revisit October 2020, a Truly Wild Month in U.S. PoliticsTrump’s COVID ordeal. Amy Coney Barrett’s rushed confirmation. Rudy Giuliani’s “October surprise” flop. It all went down one year ago.
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    The Time Trump Ranted About Hair Spray Quality to Coal MinersA moment that spoke to the president’s strange, contradictory brand of masculinity.
  9. that happened
    The Time Trump Signed Into a Holocaust Museum Like It Was a Bar MitzvahA look back at the many times the Trump administration accidentally — and not so accidentally — disrespected Judaism.
  10. that happened
    The Time Trump Got a Biblical Citation Very WrongWhen it comes to matters of faith, the Toddler President is at best a “baby Christian,” despite his avid Evangelical following.
  11. that happened
    The Time Trump Told Boy Scouts About Sexy Yacht PartiesThe president’s address to the Boy Scout Jamboree featured attacks on enemies and underlings, as well as risqué tales of his own greatness.
  12. that happened
    The Time Donald Trump Got to Play With a Big Truck“Vroom vroom,” said the president.
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    The Time Trump Asked a 7-Year-Old About Her ‘Marginal’ Belief in SantaThe president and a starry-eyed child were a match made in comedy heaven.
  14. that happened
    The Time Trump Thought ‘Western Liberalism’ Meant CaliforniaA comic misunderstanding revealed a lot about the outgoing president’s unique blend of ignorance and menace.