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The American Health Care Act

  1. House GOP Shocked to Learn Infamous Con Artist Can’t Be TrustedTrump begged moderate Republicans to vote for his health-care bill. Now, he’s calling it “mean” and “coldhearted” — and the House GOP is “stunned.”
  2. Republicans Pull the Plug on TrumpcareRyan withdraws the GOP’s health-care plan after concluding it cannot pass the House. Trump says he won’t try to repeal Obamacare again “anytime soon.”
  3. House Republicans Postpone Health-Care VoteThey don’t have the votes.
  4. Why Trumpcare Could Die Before It Even Gets a VoteTwenty-four House Republicans say they oppose the bill — and the moderate opposition hasn’t even shown up yet.
  5. The GOP Just Made Its Bait and Switch on Health-Care Reform ExplicitAfter promising a plan that would provide “better care” at “lower costs,” Paul Ryan touts the fact that his bill cuts taxes and lowers the deficit.
  6. Trump Suggests Obama Always Wanted Obamacare to Collapse in 2017“That’s the year it was meant to explode, because Obama won’t be here,” the president explained to the House GOP leadership.
  7. The Problem With the Democratic Party in One Milquetoast TweetThe bill that would unravel Barack Obama’s signature law and throw millions off of their insurance needs to be…revised?