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The Apthorp

  1. fallout
    City Agencies Descend on Lead- and Asbestos-Choked Apthorp BuildingThe Apthorp tenants were always an eye-rollingly wheedling bunch, but it’s hard to argue with a laundry list of wipe samples quoting six to ten times the legal amounts of lead in the air.
  2. vu.
    Lights Out at the Apthorp?The landlords say they paid the electricity bill, but Con Ed begs to differ, and the residents are stuck in between.
  3. vu.
    Alec Baldwin to Stay at the El Dorado?The apartment he listed has been mysteriously pulled from the market.
  4. vu.
    The Apthorp Goes Condo Officially — and at a PremiumThe Upper West Side landmark is going to make its offers to tenants this week, but it will cost up to 20 percent more to buy an apartment than many anticipated.