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The Art Of Trolling

  1. Lifestyles of the Rich and BrokeYou own a house. You own a car. You own a boat. And you have $68 in your bank account.
  2. polling trolling
    CNN Poll: Did Aliens Make Flight 370 Disappear?Maybe worse: how many people said it’s possible.
  3. the internet
    Kenneth Cole Made Dumb Syria Joke to ‘Provoke Dialogue’So selfless.
  4. the internet
    Kenneth Cole Tweeted Another Stupid Fashion Joke About the Middle EastThe designer doesn’t really “get” current events.
  5. the art of trolling
    Hurricane Sandy Troll Returns to Twitter@comfortablysmug is at it again.
  6. the art of trolling
    Sandy’s Biggest Twitter Troll Apologizes, But Won’t Find RedemptionAfter spreading false information, nobody trusts or likes him.
  7. the art of trolling
    Trolling 101: Are We Defining ‘Provocative’ Down?For instance, did you find that headline at ALL provocative?
  8. the art of trolling
    This Article on ‘How to Date a Wall Street Man’ Is Not a ParodyWe thinkkkk.
  9. the art of trolling
    Salt Lake City Tops the Advocate’s List of Gayest CitiesThis is not based on statistics or evidence.
  10. the way we argue now
    Ayelet Waldman Is Stirring the Pot on Twitter AgainThis time it’s about bake sales.