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The Bible

  1. And on the 8th Day, the Lord Said ‘Let There Be a 3-D Virtual-Reality Bible’And he was pleased.
  2. GOP Senator Asks Christians to Pray for Obama’s Speedy DeathGeorgia senator David Perdue told conservative Christians to pray that Obama’s “days be few.” But he was just joking!
  3. people who look like other people
    The History Channel Does Not Think That President Obama Is the DevilHe does look a lot like him, though.
  4. tv-stained wretches
    History Channel’s ‘Satan’ Looks Strangely FamiliarObama-as-Satan is this year’s Bush head on a pike.
  5. it’s science
    Obama, Rubio Similar on Age of Earth Question“Whether it happened exactly as we might understand it reading the text of the Bible: That, I don’t presume to know.”
  6. the gods must be crazy
    Who Knows the Most About Religion? Atheists, Jews, and MormonsAtheists know more about religion than people than believe in it.