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The Birds

  1. how hitchcockian
    Hitchcock Movie Happening in QueensBird attack!
  2. the avian menace
    Yet Another Bird Attack Grounds LaGuardia FlightFor the second time this week.
  3. the avian menace
    Birds Fail to Take Down a Plane Near LaGuardiaThe avian menace strikes again.
  4. the birds
    Evil-Seeming Birds Attack Pope Francis’s Peaceful DovesSeems like a sign of something bad.
  5. the birds
    Snowy Owls Spared Violent Deaths, Because Look at ThemAirports will try not to kill them with shotguns.
  6. Yet Another Red-Tailed Hawk Found DeadWHAT is going on?
  7. the birds
    Manhattan Now Has Its Own Dead-Bird MysteryThis one might not be a freak natural occurrence.
  8. the birds
    Bird Die-Off Mystery Solved When Government Admits It Just Killed Them All Out of FrustrationAt least it wasn’t the End Times.
  9. the birds
    Turtle Doves Poisoned by Sunflower SeedsAwful things.
  10. nbds
    Scientists: Mass Deaths of Creatures Occur All the TimeNot to worry!
  11. the birds
    5,000 Dead Blackbirds Had ‘Hit Something Very Hard’When they shouldn’t have been out flying in the first place.
  12. the birds
    Thousands of Blackbirds Dropped Dead From the Sky in Arkansas This WeekendHuh?