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The Bonus Buster

  1. the bonus buster
    Former Bank of America CEO Calls Cuomo Fraud Suit ‘Nonsensical’Also, he wasn’t responsible for the “entire” financial crisis.
  2. our hero
    Andrew Cuomo Not About to Let Joe Cassano Slip Through His FingersThe Justice Department failed. The SEC failed. But the Attorney General may bring the man who dumped AIG in our laps to justice.
  3. the bonus buster
    Andrew Cuomo Sues Bank of New York Over ‘Egregious’ Breach of Conduct in Madoff AffairThe New York Attorney General continues his crusade against financial institutions, and the English language.
  4. the bonus buster
    Andrew Cuomo Not Ready to Announce That He Is the Next GovernorWho would want to rush into this job?
  5. the bonus buster
    Bonus Buster: Bank of America Execs Acted Out of Self-Interest, Greed, and HubrisBonus Buster Andrew Cuomo files a 90-page lawsuit against the bank’s top executives.
  6. the bonus buster
    AIG Execs Still Haven’t Returned Their BonusesSomebody call the Bonus Buster.
  7. the bonus buster
    Cuomo Suit Reveals Tortured, ‘Emotional’ Relationship Between Intel and Companies It Paid OffThe New York attorney general files suit against Intel, to protect us all.
  8. the bonus buster
    Bank of America Blasts Andrew Cuomo With Fifty-Cent WordThe bank fights back against the attorney general’s accusations that they were “hindering” his investigation into Merrill Lynch bonuses.
  9. the bonus buster
    Andrew Cuomo Has ‘Commenced a Lawsuit’ Against SchwabThe message of which is: Don’t mess with the AG.
  10. the bonus buster
    House Passes Executive-Compensation BillPerhaps unduly titillated by Andrew Cuomo’s bonus report, the House votes 237–185 to allow government to set compensation.
  11. the bonus buster
    Bonus Buster Andrew Cuomo Releases Magnum OpusThe bonus report is out, and it’s enraging.
  12. the bonus buster
    Andrew Cuomo Has a Money-Management ProblemSome of his money seems to have rubbed against some other money, improperly.
  13. the bonus buster
    Andrew Cuomo’s Agreement With Carlyle Is Pretty Amazing, If He Does Say So HimselfThe Bonus Buster makes a deal.
  14. the bonus buster
    Bonus Buster Moves Beyond BonusesA hero’s work is never done.
  15. the bonus buster
    Bonus Buster Backed Bonuses Before Bonus BrouhahaWell, some of them. But still, that doesn’t seem like the Cuomo we know now.
  16. the bonus buster
    Andrew Cuomo Stokes the Flames With AIG Bonus DetailsThe Bonus Buster dumped the amounts of individual bonuses into an already-steaming cauldron of rage.
  17. the bonus buster
    Cuomo Finally Scores in Merrill Lynch BonusgateHe went through all the testimony and found a lie! Or, an inconsistency. Or a mistake. Anyway, something!
  18. the bonus buster
    Andrew Cuomo Will Write Letters to Bank of America Until He Can No Longer Hold PensAndrew Cuomo is indefatigable!
  19. the bonus buster
    Ken Lewis Spent Four Hours With Andrew Cuomo Yesterday“It’s been a long evening and I’m tired,” the Bank of America CEO said afterward.
  20. the bonus buster
    Merrill’s Decision to Pay Out $3.6 Billion in Bonuses Is ‘Nothing Short of Staggering,’ Says CuomoThe Bonus Buster is LITERALLY freaking out about Merrill Lynch.
  21. the bonus buster
    Man of the People Andrew Cuomo Enjoys Defending the Little GuyAlso sailing.