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The Bush Years

  1. the bush years
    Dick Cheney: The World’s Most Perfect PersonHe can’t name his biggest fault because he never thinks about it.
  2. Wrestling Cut From Olympics, Rumsfeld Upset He wrote a letter to the IOC.
  3. the bush years
    Donald Rumsfeld Regrets Not Going Away SoonerJohn McCain totally agrees.
  4. the bush years
    George W. Bush Left His MarkLiterally, in a graph.
  5. the bush years
    Who Poisoned the Bushes in 2007?Somebody, says Laura Bush!
  6. the bush years
    Get Ready to Redeliberate the Bush Years All Over Again!Bush will return to the spotlight to promote his upcoming memoir-ish book.
  7. the bush years
    Study: Bush Not Stupid, Just Disdainful of ‘Complexity, Nuances, and Expert Opinion’We hope nobody spent a lot of money on this study.
  8. the bush years
    President Bush Is Ready to MotivateAnd for only $19.
  9. the bush years
    More Funny Things From Inside the Bush Administration!A book by George W. Bush’s former speechwriter is just a bottomless pit of entertainment anecdotes.
  10. the bush years
    Ten Things We Learned About George W. Bush From His Ex-SpeechwriterBush on Palin, Obama, Crocs, and calling people “cat.”
  11. the bush years
    Is Tom Ridge Calling Himself a Liar?Now the terrorism threat level WASN’T influenced by politics. Make up your mind, sir.
  12. the bush years
    That Color-Coded Terrorism Warning Thing Apparently Still ExistsBecause a panel is going to look into maybe making it useful.
  13. the bush years
    Bush Administration Still Leaning on Justice Department From Beyond the GraveThey’re trying to “soften” a report on the torture memos.
  14. the bush years
    Bush Administration Wanted Iraq–Al Qaeda Connection, One Way or the OtherOne way: waterboarding.
  15. what other people think
    What Does Obama’s Intelligence Director Think of ‘Torture’?And does the Obama administration want us to know?
  16. the bush years
    Source: Cheney Never Made ‘Formal Request’ to Release Memos After All?We are shocked. Shocked!
  17. the bush years
    Who Defends ‘Torture’?The political commentators and former Bush officials who don’t have a problem with the interrogation techniques that many think constitute torture.
  18. the bush years
    Is the Administration Doing the Right Thing on the Torture Memos?Should they have been released in the first place? Should the Justice Department pursue prosecutions?
  19. the bush years
    Bush May Be Gone, But the Bushisms ContinueThe ex-president promises an “authoritarian” history of his presidency.
  20. the bush years
    Bush Official Contemplated Curtailing First AmendmentIt’s fine, though, because it was in a memo.