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The Capitol

  1. the capitol
    Senators Kamala Harris, Josh Hawley, Jeff Merkley on the Grind of Trying TrumpDemocrats Kamala Harris and Jeff Merkley and Republican Josh Hawley reflect on the nuts and bolts of tracking an impeachment trial.
  2. the capitol
    The Impeachment Debate Took Place in Two Parallel UniversesThere was a surreal lack of drama – or even human interaction – in the House on Wednesday, despite the historical context.
  3. Police Shoot Gunman Who Reportedly Pulled Out Firearm in U.S. CapitolOne woman was apparently hurt.
  4. busted
    Immortal Dick Cheney Replica Now Lives at the CapitolHis bust was unveiled in the Senate wing of the Capitol.
  5. the capitol
    Ambitious Toddler Causes Brief Lockdown on White House LawnThe Secret Service declined to question him. 
  6. secrets of the hill
    Hill Staffers Live in State of Imminent Peril, Sexual HarassmentCongress sounds like a terrible place.