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The Colbert Report

  1. last night on late night
    President Obama Upstages Stephen on The Colbert ReportBy taking over “The Word.”
  2. bill de blasio’s new york
    It’s Not Impossible That Stephen Colbert Booked Mayor de Blasio Over TwitterEither way, they got the message out.
  3. Video: Stephen Colbert Chases Jon Stewart to Get His $1M Super PAC BackYes, $1 million. 
  4. super pacs
    Stephen Colbert to Run for President Again, Sort Of [Updated]Colbert handed over control of his super-PAC to Jon Stewart.
  5. politics
    Heilemann on Colbert: Gingrich Is an Angry TeddyNewt Gingrich, the angry teddy bear, and Rick Santorum’s nightmare scenario.
  6. the hunt for red november
    Video: Stephen Colbert Promises to Get Jon Huntsman to ‘Whole Milk’ LevelBetter than 2 percent?
  7. video
    Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert React to Their Shows Being Used As Aphrodisiacs in Anthony Weiner’s Sexts“You want me to cut my wrists again?!”
  8. the colbert report
    Your Cell Phone Is Killing You, Says Stephen ColbertBut there’s a tasty solution.
  9. early and often
    Congress Doesn’t Think It’s Such a Good Idea to Go on the Colbert Show AnymoreCongress is starting to realize Colbert may not have their best interests at heart.
  10. client 9
    Eliot Spitzer Went on The Colbert Report Last NightSince, as the host points out, it’s not like he has to worry about being humiliated these days.
  11. early and often
    Stephen Colbert Grills Harold Ford Jr. On His Flip-FlopsHis changing opinions, not his sandals.
  12. in other (fake) news
    Stephen Colbert Is Mad at John Heilemann For Not Writing About Him in Game ChangeBlame it on the editors.
  13. governor awesome
    Paterson to Appear on ‘Colbert Report’ TonightWill Colbert make a blind joke? Will the lovable gov have a better one at the ready? We can’t wait!