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The Confederacy

  1. Trump Supporters in South Carolina Wish the Confederacy Had WonMany of his voters would also like to shut down all mosques and ban gay people from entering the country.
  2. Ruth Bader Ginsburg Still Wants to Talk About BongsThe Supreme Court discusses burgers, bong hits for Jesus (again), and license plates.
  3. rick rolling
    Rick Perry Is Against Confederate Flag License PlatesThat’s nice.
  4. the post-racial world
    Haley Barbour Defends Virginia’s Confederate History Month ProclamationIt “doesn’t amount to diddly,” Barbour said.
  5. the post-racial world
    Virginia Governor Admits That Slavery and Civil War Are RelatedThe proclamation declaring April “Confederate History Month” will now contain a passage acknowledging slavery.
  6. the post-racial world
    Virginia Governor Pretends Civil War Had Nothing to Do With SlaveryHe issues a Confederate History Month proclamation that never once mentions slavery.
  7. neighborhood news
    The Least Popular Man in Bay RidgeHey, look, it’s that flag everyone hates.