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The Cuddle Gov

  1. not being governor anymore
    David Paterson Loses Radio Show, Has Nothing to DoHe knew this was coming.
  2. the cuddle gov
    David Paterson and His Wife Have Separated After nineteen years. 
  3. the cuddle gov
    David Paterson: ‘I Think I’ll Kill Myself’That was his reaction when he found out he’d be the next governor.
  4. the cuddle gov
    Paterson Does Gymnastics, Mocks Everyone at Charity DinnerYou’ll laugh! You’ll cry! You’ll puzzle at the obscure inside-Albany references!
  5. the cuddle gov
    Governor Paterson Will Literally Fight You Over the MTA BailoutWho wants some? You, Senator Kruger? You want some of this?
  6. the cuddle gov
    Paterson Glad There Are Worse People Than Him for New York to HateThere truly is a silver lining to every cloud.