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The Cuddle Guv

  1. David Paterson’s ‘Cone of Silence’When the governor wants to keep something a secret, he invokes a line from his favorite sixties TV show.
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    Paterson Does Gymnastics, Mocks Everyone at Charity DinnerYou’ll laugh! You’ll cry! You’ll puzzle at the obscure inside-Albany references!
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    Governor Paterson Will Literally Fight You Over the MTA BailoutWho wants some? You, Senator Kruger? You want some of this?
  4. early and often
    Paterson: SNL Made Me Feel Bullied, But Now I Have Bill Clinton on My Side!Okay, so maybe those thoughts weren’t linked together quite like that.
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    Paterson Tries to Win Back New York’s LoveCould you really hate a governor who takes a 10 percent pay cut?
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    Jogging Outfit Demeans the Governor’s Office?The ‘Post’ tries to fan the flames of a non-controversy.
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    Paterson Glad There Are Worse People Than Him for New York to HateThere truly is a silver lining to every cloud.
  8. Post Now Making Hiring, Firing Decisions for PatersonWith the paper’s blessing, Paterson considers bringing back his old tax-evading adviser, Charles O’Byrne.
  9. early and often
    Paterson Nixes Davos Trip As Poll Numbers DipAndrew Cuomo is gaining on the Guv.
  10. Cuddle Guv Goes to WarHell hath no fury like a Pattycakes scorned.
  11. early and often
    Kirsten Gillibrand Will Be the Next Junior Senator From New YorkLate last night, somewhere in Albany, someone caught a tiger by the toe. It hollered, and he let him go.
  12. Paterson Still Not TellingNow he’s reusing jokes to deflect questions.
  13. Governor Paterson Knows Who He’s Picking, But He’s Not TellingWell, eventually he will. But not yet. Not yet.