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  1. Stay Tuned for Ali Wise Goes to the Big HouseThe scheming socialite hacks her way onto television.
  2. hellivision
    Producers ‘Surprised’ by Devorah Rose, Tinsley Mortimer CatfightEven though they’ve been trying to spark it for weeks.
  3. hellivision
    Devorah Rose on Her ‘War’ Against TinsleyThank God.
  4. the greatest show of our time
    Gossip Girl Fastens Its SeatbeltsWhat was true to life about this episode, and what struck us as faker than a Photoshop of a politician holding a giant cherry-red bong?
  5. the greatest show of our time
    Gossip Girl Renewed for Another SeasonThe CW lives on!
  6. the greatest show of our time
    Great ‘Gossip Girl’ News!The show had its best ratings ever last night, inexplicably. And we hear who Serena’s new Dan is going to be!
  7. in other news
    Taylor Momsen Is 80 Percent LegWe sense a plot twist on ‘Gossip Girl.’ Jenny gets into cutting!
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    ‘Gossip Girl’ Returns to the Internet, Where It BelongsThe CW will once again stream episodes of the best show ever on its Website after the show returns, in September.
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    See All the New ‘Gossip Girl’ OMFG AdsThe CW has released a whole set of steamy new advertisements for the Greatest Show of Our Time, and they want you to get bleeping excited about it.
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    Bethenny Frankel Gets InkedThe Real Housewives star gets a book deal, Lindsay Lohan has a sex picture, Keith Olbermann may be a nepotist, and more in our daily roundup of what’s in New York’s best gossip columns.
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    Leighton Meester Records Album; We DieForget Heidi Montag. Ignore Scarlett Johansson. Don’t even think even think about Lindsay Lohan. Our new favorite starlet who is absurdly recording a pop album is Leighton Meester, a.k.a. Blair from the Greatest Show of Our Time. That’s right. The Gossip Girl star told some Canadian press outlet that she will be “be finishing it within the next couple months, hopefully.” Yessssss. Her music, they say, is “an electronic-rock hybrid that sounds like Gwen Stefani and MIA.” We have no idea what that means, but we’re guessing it doesn’t involve hair bows and white tights, which makes this a huge departure from her previous oeuvre. Above, we dug up a clip from YouTube of Blair singing and weakly pretending to play the guitar, from an old movie called Drive Thru. Click above to view. It seems like she can actually sort of sing, in that wailing-talking Tia Carrerra–from–Wayne’s World kind of way. What great news. This is exactly how she’s going to win back her social supremacy at Constance Billard. Jenny’s going to have to release her sex tape extra early to fight back. ‘Gossip Girl’ star Leighton Meester talks new album [CTV.ca] Update: Just after we posted our item, usweekly.com put up a video of Blair talking about the show and her album. Click after the jump to watch!
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    Does Blair Waldorf Have a Wee(d) Problem?On any day, we love a good descent into debauchery on the part of a rising starlet. But today’s news is better than most, because this time, the lovely young lady losing her marbles is none other than Daily Intel favorite Blair Waldorf! (Some people know her as Leighton Meester, but, like Brooke Shields on that episode of Friends where she thinks Joey is really Dr. Drake Ramoray, we sometimes have trouble breaking the fourth wall.) And just in time for the show’s return to the air. Turns out that Bad News Blair was wandering around a party at Avalon on Sunday night “surrounded by a cloud of funny-smelling smoke.” That’s tabloid code for “she was smoking a fat doobie,” people. According to “Page Six,” at one point, a fellow partygoer lifted her (and her dress) up, and people could see her panties! We’d assume someone made a mistake (after all, who gets stoned before they go to a big party where celebrities are going to be? Hello, talk about paranoia central), but we remember all too well when Radar caught the actress smoking weed at GoldBar in November. Even then, she was hogging the drugs passed around by her friends. Man, bulimia and a marijuana problem? The rest of the Gossip Girl season is going to be really confusing, junk-food wise. Gossip-Maker [NYP] Earlier: Blair Bogarts the Weed, ‘Gossip Girl’ Will Return Before the Summer
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    ‘Gossip Girl’ Will Return Before the Summer!If you’re wondering what’s going to happen now that the strike is over, head over to Vulture’s Poststrike Encyclopedia. They have a complete roster of what shows are coming back and when and how. And as far as we’re concerned, the best news is that Gossip Girl will be back to complete its season before the summer! They still have 9 of their 22 planned episodes to go. It will be back in April and might complete all the rest of the hour-long shows going into the summer. Guess what that means? Months more coverage of the Greatest Show of Our Time! And up to nine more exhaustive episode recaps! That’s okay, take a minute to revel in your own joy. We’d write more, but we think we just blacked out. Vulture’s Poststrike Encyclopedia: When Will My Show Be Back? [Vulture]
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    Gossip Girl Revealed?Today’s Daily News gossip columnist has a very, very upsetting Gossip Girl item. First, he reports that there are tensions on the set between Blair and Serena (Leighton Meister and Blake Lively, to those of you who insist upon dealing with this show in a world of reality). “Chace Crawford tends to stick close to Leighton, while Penn Badgley hangs on- and off-screen with Blake,” a source tells the saucy Aussie. “The crew will snag Blake for a scene just moments before it is shot so they can avoid any awkwardness with Leighton.” Not that a catfight between the show’s two female stars surprises us, but, come on, isn’t it a little clichéd? That’s not all Widdicombe has for us, though. He claims he knows the identity of Gossip Girl herself, the snarky Upper East Sider who narrates the show (using the voice of Kristin Bell). We’d tell you to stop reading right now in order to avoid spoiling your fun, but we find the candidate too unbelievable to be true. According to an on-set source, Gossip Girl is none other than Eric van der Woodsen!
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    Chace Crawford’s Stetson Cologne Auditions?We are under strict orders from our boss to keep our Gossip Girl posts down to just one a day, but sometimes life doesn’t go your way. Like today, for example. A tipster sent us the link to a cache of sixteen (possibly fake, definitely titillating) glamour-shot portraits of a young Chace Crawford. Are they early head shots? Are they cut-and-paste jobs like the ones of Daniel Radcliffe’s giant manballs that were racing around the Internet earlier this year? Or are they actually just test photos from Ian Somerhalder’s brief “Dirty Blond” experiment? We’re not sure. But something about the football-and-board-shorts photo smacks of full-on, Abercrombie-aspiring, local-mall-cattle-call-attending reality. After the jump, a couple more images that are sure to tickle your funny Nate Archibald bone. In the comments, let us know what you think. Are they real? Or are they just Chase’s head airbrushed onto Ian Thorpe’s (pre-carb-bloated) body?
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    Why ‘Gossip Girl’ Is the Best Teen Drama You’ve Been Watching Your Whole LifeWelcome back to work, Upper East Siders. Did you see this morning’s “Rush & Molloy” item about how people have started confusing Lost star Ian Somerhalder for Chace Crawford, who plays Nate on Gossip Girl? This we appreciate, as we have often thought the two are twins of rosy-cheeked elfin hotness. We also appreciate it because we have been thinking about our favorite show for the whole holiday break. We assume you were as devastated as we were to discover that last week’s episode, the last glorious flash of your spiritual libertarianism before you were subsumed by communist familial obligations, was a rerun. But never fear! We did some GG analyzing anyway, for your reading pleasure. Click below to read the official Daily Intel take on the etymology of teen drama and how it’s influenced the greatest show of our time. A Look at the Cast of ‘Gossip Girl’ [NYM]
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    The Night We Met Vanessa From ‘Gossip Girl’ and Didn’t Kill HerEvening, Upper East Siders! So last night we went to Central Park North (a.k.a. 110th Street) for Esquire’s fête to honor Bill Cosby at the mag’s swank bachelor pad. Much as we love us some vintage Dr. Huxtable, last night was all about Gossip Girl, and the chance to talk to Jessica Szohr, who plays Vanessa. Yes, that’s right, Dan’s annoying friend who likes to enter his room through the window. Come on, we’re not in Dawson’s Creek here, Vanessa! First and foremost, we have to point out that Jessica Szohr is not as terrible as her character on the show. Last night, she was wearing a very nice simple black sweaterdress and tights and had really red lipstick on. Unless Vanessa gets a job hosting at the Waverly Inn, we know she’s not gonna be rocking a simple black dress anytime soon. Which brings us to our first question. What exactly is Vanessa’s deal? Why does she dress like an extra from a New Kids on the Block video? Thank God we had Jessica to break it down for us!
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    ‘Gossip Girl’ Threatens All of Its Great Loves“I performed in a speakeasy and surrendered my virtue to a self-absorbed ass.”
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    ‘Gossip Girl’ Giveth and ‘Gossip Girl’ Taketh AwayYou might expect that we feel some solidarity toward the TV and film writers who are striking this week, since we’re writers too and all that. Yeah, not really. Actually, we have always kind of resented TV writers since they get paid way more than we do (damn them for making such a smart career choice), and we suspect that most other print/Internet-y people feel the same way. Or, at least, their mothers do. Basically it’s kind of like a Serbs-versus-Croats situation. But now we at Intel have a real reason to be pissed at those guys. Our too–small–to–write–for–the–Harvard Lampoon brains just realized that because of the strike we may be deprived of future episodes of GOSSIP GIRL. Although (thank you sweet Jesus Imitation of Christ) new episodes will air tomorrow night and next week, the L.A. Times is reporting that the CW only has 13 of the 22 planned episodes for 2007–2008 in the can, which means that, depending on how long the strike lasts, we could run out of new episodes by February.
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    ‘Gossip Girl’ Makes Us Color-blindOur highly calibrated point system of… um… points.